What is Assisted Living?

what is assisted living

As our loved ones grow older, their personal needs and requirements change.

While some older adults prefer to live independently in their own homes, others may require regular medical assistance and aid in carrying out their daily activities. As such, many opt for assisted living residences.

Seasons Retirement is a reputable retirement community that provides an assisted living care program to its residents, who require help with daily tasks but do not need high-level, 24-hour care provided at a long-term care home. This ensures that residents can focus on doing what makes them the happiest every day.

But what is assisted living, and how do our loved ones benefit from it?

Assisted living is a care option in retirement residences geared at providing residents with as much care and assistance as they require, while also maintaining their independence. In this case, residents can usually carry out some of their daily activities but may need help with others.

Additional care options include independent living, independent supportive living, and memory care.

If you’re wondering, “What is assisted living in Ontario?” this article will discuss what it is, its main benefits, and how to choose the best-assisted living residence.

Services are offered in an assisted living residence.

Assisted living services are designed to provide residents with a wide variety of care services.

Some of these services include assistance with personal tasks, such as dressing, hygiene, housekeeping, medical aid, and meal service. Staff members are always on hand to assist in the case of emergencies.

Furthermore, an assisted living residence organizes social functions such as parties, outings, and recreational activities to help residents stay active and live full, happy lives. Entertainment and security are provided.

Benefits of assisted living

1.   Companionship

In assisted living communities, older persons are provided with a lively but relaxing environment to meet new people, with friends to keep them healthy. Residents are encouraged to build good relationships through the community’s recreational and social programs.

2.   Care

What is assisted living without the crucial role of team staff members and caregivers? Residents don’t have to worry about daily chores or home maintenance, as staff members take care of this. This means that they have more time to carry out the activities they enjoy.

3.   Peace of mind

Often, relatives worry about the safety and well-being of their aging loved ones. However, with the care provided in an assisted living residence, they have less to worry about since their loved ones are well cared for.

How costly is assisted living?

Budget is an important factor to consider when choosing an assisted living residence for your loved ones. So, what is the cost of assisted living?

Living in an assisted living residence lets you save on recurring expenses that a person living in a private home would have to pay for. After comparing costs, it’s clear that living in an assisted living residence is a cost-effective option for older adults.

Factors to consider in choosing an assisted living residence

It’s essential to carry out certain checks before picking an assisted living residence for you or your loved one. Some of the factors to check for include:

1.   Services offered

Service is the central factor to consider. Be sure to find out what sort of services the assisted living residence offers. What is included in each type of service package? What level of care does the residence provide? Which option is best suited for you or your loved one?

2.   Accessibility

Do they have the sort of equipment that you or your loved one needs to stay safe? Is the building well maintained, accessible and secure? What other types of conveniences and amenities do they offer?

3.   Culinary concerns

How often are residents served meals? Is there a fixed time for meals, or is the timing more flexible? Do they serve healthy foods? Are residents allowed to make choices regarding their meals?

At Seasons Retirement, we know food plays a vital role in residents’ comfort, health, and enjoyment. Seasons residents are presented with several menu options, and our dining service team serves up healthy, well-balanced, and well-presented meals every time, without compromising on taste.

4.   Medical support

Are residents equipped with medical alert systems? Are there qualified nurses or added healthcare personnel available to respond to emergencies?

Do staff assist or remind residents to take medications? Is there a good hospital nearby to handle serious health emergencies?

Seasons Retirement communities are staffed 24/7 to tend to residents’ needs. Our retirement communities also offer their own emergency pendants that residents can wear around their necks or wrists. With the press of a button on the pendant, residents can alert staff immediately in the case of an emergency.

5.   Caring staff

Is the staff warm and friendly? Do they relate in a kind manner with residents? Are they professionally trained to carry out the services they deliver? A personalized visit is one of the best ways you can meet the residents and team members you could be interacting with daily.

6.   Policies

Are the assisted living residence policies in line with the tastes and lifestyle of your loved one? Are residents allowed to get visits from friends and family members regularly?

If your loved one is a pet lover, find out the residence’s pet policies and whether they are allowed in the community. Seasons Retirement communities are pet-friendly, so residents never have to worry about choosing between living in our communities or with their pets.

Final Words

If you’ve had the question, “What is assisted living?” on your mind, now you have your answer. Assisted living residences help our loved ones live healthy and fulfilling lives by providing them with the personal care they need.

Seasons Retirement provides top-quality assisted care living services in various retirement residences, designed to make you and your loved ones feel at home with a sense of community and belonging.

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