Senior Medical Alert Systems in Canada: Which One is Right for You?

Medical Alert Systems

When it comes to medical alerts in Canada, you have very little room for error. Testing a system will tell you a lot about its stability, but there are plenty of systems that are stable in theory but unreliable in practice.  

For that reason, it is best to go for a brand-name product with a good reputation if you are looking for the best medical alerts Canada has to offer.  

However, it is important for families to note that, alone, medical alert systems may not be enough. If you find yourself or your loved one becoming increasingly worried about safety, it may be the right time to discuss the many benefits of retirement home living 

How Medical Alert Systems Work 

A medical alert system comes in two varieties: an automatic system and a manual system. Installation is easy in either case. A common worry about people seeking a medical alert system is whether it requires a landline to function. Systems like that still exist, but they only exist to serve people with poor to no internet connections. Much more common than that setup is a system that uses the internet to communicate. This is much more reliable and secure, even if the internet connection it relies on is not that strong. 

The reason the internet connection does not need to be top-of-the-line is that medical systems do not transmit a huge amount of data. When a medical system is activated, it only needs to transmit a few signals that the computer understands as positive and negative values. This is also why “fall detector” medical alert systems work. 

The first kind of medical alert system you should know about is the fall detecting system. These are devices that are worn on the person’s body, usually on the belt but sometimes on a bracelet or necklace, that can detect when the individual has fallen and seems to be unable to get up. The device identifies when this happens by using a gyroscope to determine whether the person is sitting, standing, or lying down, and combining that with the gyroscope’s information on their speed. 

In short, a fall detecting system will know if the person suddenly falls by tracking their speed. Once they have fallen, it will wait to see if they seem to be able to get up. If they cannot, the system will then send an alert to an emergency service. The medical alert systems Canada has will often have this as an option, even if it is not part of their main package. 

The second kind of medical alert system is the manually activated one. This one will be worn on the body as well, but it can also be attached to a set of keys or even kept as a button by itself that the individual can set down somewhere. With these devices, it is assumed that the person with the button will be able to activate it should they need medical attention. For that reason, it should be kept close by, but is not required to be attached to them at all times like the fall detector. 

Popular Medical Alert Systems in Canada 

Among the best medical alert systems in Canada is the Lifeline System. In addition to decades of reliable experience, the company also has a wide range of products. Not only do they have fall detectors and alert buttons, but they even have on-the-go systems and voice-activated systems. These can be entrusted to medical professionals as well as loved ones. You can also use an app to track the health or location of a loved one in your life. 

Another highly-regarded alert system is the SecurMEDIC system. This one is great because it is not just a fall detector and manual alert system, but also a general alarm system. Along with their on-the-go options, this means you can keep your loved one safe wherever they are.  

Another top-of-the-line option is the Galaxy Medical Alert System. This is the most versatile system of the bunch, coming in more than 150 different languages and communicating with almost every medical centre in Canada. Very few medical alerts Canada uses have even half that many languages. 

The difference between these three systems is much more a difference in kind than a difference in quality.  

The Lifeline system is the best for its mobile options, while SecurMEDIC provides the most comprehensive options at home, and Galaxy Medical Alert is made for people who have trouble setting these systems up. 

Medical Alert Systems Canada Comparison 

Canadian medical alert systems typically have a monthly subscription fee. There is an upfront cost for the devices involved, but then the ability to use them comes with an ongoing cost that goes toward paying for the maintenance of the servers that the devices connect to. 

Not all medical alert systems offer the same service, meaning that there is a variety of prices available for senior medical alert systems in Canada. Getting the best price is all about knowing what you need.  For instance, does your loved one require just a basic service or an on-the-go service as well? 

If you are looking for medical alert systems in Canada but are not sure that you want or need mobile options, you may be able to ask for a reduced rate. Some medical alert systems in Canada offer a reduced rate version of their service that does not include mobile options. This is perfect for individuals that have caregivers who help them outside the home.  

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Families opting for retirement home living can rest assured their loved one will be in a safe and thriving environment, where they can do what makes them happiest without having to worry about laborious daily tasks that can lead to slips and falls. 

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For more tips on retirement living and safety, visit our blog.

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