How friends keep you healthy

How Friends Keep You healthy

Friendship is important at any age. It turns out that it can keep you mentally and physically healthy too. Some research even suggests that spending time with good friends can be as good for you as a healthy diet and exercise

Mental Health 

Most people would agree that a conversation or visit with a friend can instantly boost your mood. When we have someone there to listen, support, and show they care about us, it helps us feel connected. This sense of connection can improve self-esteem while decreasing feelings of stress and anxiety. 

Physical Health 

It may come as a surprise, but friendship can benefit you physically. Having a close circle of friends and regularly spending time with them has been shown to reduce your risk of health concerns like diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. Friends can also encourage good habits and lifestyle changes depending on who you choose to surround yourself with. 

Friendship at Seasons

These benefits can lead to you living happier and healthier for longer. At Seasons Retirement Communities, our monthly activity calendar offers many opportunities for residents to have fun, socialize, and meet new people. Additionally, residents often form groups and clubs based on their interests. 

In a retirement home, older adults can create meaningful connections with like-minded individuals at a similar stage in their lives. You could be surprised to learn what you have in common with your neighbour! 

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