10 Social Benefits of Physical Activity for Older Adults

social benefits of physical activity

Older adults may experience changes in their bodies due to health conditions, lifestyle, and other factors, but this shouldn’t stop them from exercising.

There are several safe and effective exercises for older adults to practice to remain fit and active. Physical activities should be a part of our older loved ones’ daily routines, as they provide health and social benefits.

At Seasons Retirement, we encourage our residents to practice healthy and safe exercising to assist in leading fun and active lifestyles.

In this article, we’ll go over eleven of the top social benefits of physical activity for older adults.

1.   Mood Improvement

Maintaining a positive mood whenever possible is important for lifestyle quality and interactions with other people. Adults that exercise and engage in physical activities more frequently are much less likely to experience anxiety and depression.

Physical activities can exert a calming and relaxing effect on the brain and body due to the release of serotonin, which helps older adults maintain a good mood and a positive mindset. This means that regular physical activity can even help reduce stress and mood disorders.

2.   Boosts Confidence

A boost in confidence levels is one of the social benefits of physical activity. It helps older adults stay fit, thereby enhancing confidence.

Regular exercises facilitate a healthy body and lifestyle, giving you an increase in morale and self-esteem. Also, you will feel a good sense of accomplishment as you keep to your workout routine.

3.   Improves Social Connections

Most individuals appreciate additional opportunities to form and preserve social connections as they age, and physical activities like exercises and sports can help with this.

It’s possible to meet new people while working out at the gym or engaging in community exercises in social fitness groups, which provides plenty of chances to mingle with like-minded people passionate about keeping their bodies in shape.

Meeting adults with similar interests allows you to create a new, supportive friendship circle. Also, developing strong social connections can give you a sense of purpose and help reduce feelings of loneliness and depression.

4.   Improves Mental Health

Improved mental health is one of the social benefits of exercise. Physical activities can help boost brain functions like creativity, thinking, and multitasking.

Also, physical exercises trigger the release of endorphins and specific growth factors in the brain. The chemicals promote the growth of new brain cells, improving brain function and preventing age-related cognitive issues like memory loss.

5.   Promotes satisfaction and fulfillment

Exercising in groups can be exciting for older adults, as it creates a positive environment where you can meet and share your ideas with other people. Older adults may feel more motivated to complete their workouts when together and working towards set goals.

Also, while actively working out, the body releases hormones that make us happier and create a positive atmosphere that drives and motivates participants. Physical activities like dancing and walking out in nature can make you more cheerful and lighthearted. This can significantly improve the quality of life for older adults, which can, in turn, be an excellent motivator to keep engaging in further physical activities.

6.   Improves Concentration

Physical activities can help improve your concentration; it burns off energy, thus providing your brain with sufficient blood flow necessary for critical thinking and evaluation.

Simple exercises like walking and cycling can help clear your mind, allowing you to focus on essential matters and devise reasonable solutions. As a result, you become more productive.

7.   Improves Teamwork and Cooperation

Team sports and games require teamwork. Sporting activities for older adults can help you improve team spirit and cooperation, which are part of the social benefits of group exercise. As a result, cooperating with others and working as a team can help your tolerance of others.

Also, since teamwork requires communication, you can develop a good rapport with your teammates. In this process, you also upgrade your communication skills, interacting more freely with others rather than being withdrawn.

8.   Helps with Learning

When you grow older, you may experience changes in your memory. This may cause you to forget things quickly, thus, making it challenging to learn new things.

That said, older adults who work out frequently are more likely to assimilate things better than those who don’t. A scientific study reveals that exercising can enhance one’s cognitive function, helping to retain memories and improve cognitive skills.

When you engage in regular physical activities, the heart pumps more blood to the body. This releases more oxygen to the brain, sharpening this organ and improving cognitive function. Hence, you can take a new course or learn a recipe and skill easily.

9.   Helps with Better Adjustment to a New Environment

Adapting to a new environment can be challenging. However, exercising regularly can help you adjust more readily to an environment and connect with people.

Joining a social fitness group makes it easy for older adults to adjust to a new setting. You can easily make new friends that will help show you around and teach you relevant things about the community.

10. More Reliability

Reliability is among the social benefits of physical activity. Some older adults may not be able to partake in certain events or carry out specific tasks due to the changes in their immune systems.

However, when you’re active and exercising, you build your immune system and stay healthy. Now, family and friends can rely on you for tasks and activities since they know you can complete them.


There’s no overemphasizing the importance of physical activities in older adults. Asides from the social benefits, there are also significant health benefits attached.

Exercises like jogging, dancing, walking, swimming, and yoga can keep you fit and help you achieve improved immune system health.

Seasons Retirement encourages all residents to be physically active, helping out with their workout routines to have a fun, happy, and healthy lifestyle.

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