Self-esteem Boosting Activities for Older Adults

self esteem activities for adults

Staying confident and cheerful is a good way for older adults to enjoy a fulfilling retirement. As such, it’s also a great time for older adults to engage in activities and events that boost their self-esteem, which is a key to living long and healthy lives.

There are several ways for older adults to stay confident and happy, and engaging in fun and stress-relieving activities is one of them. Many pastimes have been found to improve older persons’ mental and emotional health.

At Seasons Retirement, we ensure that our senior residents maintain excellent mental and emotional health by encouraging them to participate in recreational activities and fun games to boost their self-esteem.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of self-esteem activities for adults. Below are a few practices that can help enhance your loved one’s confidence.

1.   Practice good hygiene

Of course, your confidence level will be high when you look and feel good. Engaging in good hygienic practices, your older loved ones maintain a beautiful and confident outward appearance.

Older adults may sometimes choose comfortable clothes over outfits that make them look great. But that shouldn’t always be the case, as dressing appropriately for the occasion is an excellent way for your parents or grandparents to boost their self-esteem.

So, encourage your older ones to look presentable and dress nicely, as it positively impacts their opinion about themselves.

2.   Reading

Reading is one of the best self-esteem-boosting activities for older adults for several reasons.

First, research shows that reading can ease the minds of older adults and make them feel happy. Once they are in a comfortable and cheerful mood, they will sleep better and have lower stress levels, causing them to experience a confidence boost.

Apart from reading entertainment magazines and literary works, your loved ones can also boost their confidence by investing time in studying self-help books. The more knowledgeable someone becomes, the more confident they become in their ability to carry themselves into the world around them.

Additionally, reading presents a precious opportunity for your older ones to acquire more knowledge, which is an excellent way to improve their self-beliefs. And aside from enhancing their self-esteem and expanding their knowledge, reading also helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Overall, it’s a fantastic activity with several benefits that make it worth taking up a book or two.

3.   Meditation

Meditation is a practice whereby individuals use different techniques, like mindfulness, to train their minds to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. With an improved sense of calmness, your loved ones can better enjoy their happenings and become aware of themselves.

Moreover, the mind rids itself of negative emotions during meditation, replacing them with positive ones. So, you can be sure your older loved ones will only feel positive after meditating.

While meditation is a practice that can be done individually, there are meditation classes that your parents or grandparents can join.

4.   Dancing

Dancing is a low-impact exercise for older adults that helps alleviate stress and anxiety. So, if your older relatives want to boost their self-esteem through exercise, dancing is a fun activity to try out.

Naturally, exercise causes the release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are hormones that help relieve stress and improve confidence.

Additionally, dancing is one of adults’ most exciting self-esteem group activities. Your parents or grandparents will enjoy dancing in a group where they can meet and interact with like-minded individuals and engage in social interactions that boost self-esteem.

5.   Cooking

Cooking is one of the best self-esteem activities for adults. After all, feeling responsible for their nutrition – an essential aspect of healthy living – will give your older ones a sense of responsibility and increase their self-worth.

Furthermore, eating healthy meals positively impacts the mental health of older folks. So, if your older ones can prepare and take nourishing foods regularly, their self-esteem level will receive a boost.

Also, you can encourage your loved ones to engage in meal preparation by setting time aside each week to cook with them. Cooking is an activity that everyone, including older adults, often finds relieving and satisfying.

6.   Joining social groups

As inferred earlier, being around like-minded individuals will make older adults feel better about themselves. So, instead of being alone at home, your loved ones can join a social group that interests them.

From book clubs, knitting groups, and local sports clubs to walking clubs, there are several social communities where your older ones can find good company.

Becoming socially active enables older people to learn more about themselves and their society and build healthy relationships, which will boost their self-esteem in the long run.

7.   Volunteering

Giving back to the community often gives older adults a sense of satisfaction and helps boost their self-worth. So, if your loved ones want to improve their self-confidence, lending a helping hand in the community is an excellent way to start.

If there is a cause your older relative is passionate about, encourage them to devote some of their time and resources to it – this can help increase their confidence.

8.   Yoga

Yoga is a mind-body exercise that enables the mind to relax and focus by ridding it of negative energy and thoughts. It is also a physical activity proven to improve self-belief in people, including older adults.

9.   Setting goals

Retirement is a good time for your older relatives to kick back and relax, but this should not prevent them from exploring their dreams and aspirations. Post-retirement is the ideal time for an older person to pursue a dream because they will have enough free time to put in all the effort required.

Setting attainable goals will give your loved ones a sense of direction. Moreover, they will need to stay engaged to achieve these objectives, enhancing their cognitive function. And when they eventually reach their goals, your older ones will gain confidence in their abilities.


Older adults must have a high sense of value for themselves and their abilities. The benefits of increased self-esteem activities, especially in older adults, are pretty invaluable, as they could impact the success of their daily activities.

If your loved ones want to enjoy the perks of high self-confidence, exploring the above list of self-esteem activities for adults is a great place to start.

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