Best Exercises for Immune System Health

exercise for immune system health

Participating in regular exercise is beneficial for everyone. It’s an integral part of helping us maintain our overall fitness and wellbeing.

Are you aware that exercises are the best immune booster for seniors? These physical activities can help keep their bodies active and enhance their defenses against harmful viruses, bacteria, toxins, and infections.

Having established that regular exercising is beneficial to the immune health of all adults, the next step is to review the best types of exercises to promote and maintain your constitution.

At Seasons Retirement, we offer daily classes to promote health and wellness for your loved ones. We equip them with the necessary tools to help engage in immunity booster exercise that supports wellness. You can look at our article on simple and safe exercises for older adults as well.

However, specific workouts are considered the best exercise for the immune system of older adults, and this guide presents a variety of immunity-boosting exercises that are helpful to them.

Immune system and age

The immune system response changes as we grow older. However, the good news is that the best exercise for the immune system strengthens its efficiency in people of all ages. Furthermore, every exercise session mobilizes billions of immune cells throughout the body.

There’s also a connection between nutrition and immune health, as a lack of a few essential vitamins and minerals is linked to micronutrient malnutrition.

This is why adults need to consume a variety of healthy superfoods regularly. Seasons is passionate about providing nutritious meals according to your loved one’s needs.

When people exercise, it causes white blood cells and antibodies to circulate throughout the body at an increased pace.

This boosts the body’s immunity and empowers it to detect and react to potential health threats. Exercise prevents the release of stress hormones that weakens the overall body immunity.

Increasing activity levels is one of the best ways to promote healthy immune systems among older adults. Here’s a list of some of the best exercises for immune system health to strengthen body immunity and boost overall health.

1.    Walking

Being regular with moderate exercise such as routine 30 minutes brisk walks is essential in maintaining a sound immune system.

Such a daily routine can increase the number of immune cells in the leukocytes, warding off infections.

To stay stress-free, it would be best to avoid high-intensity workouts because they increase the number of stress hormones—cortisol and adrenaline—in the body.

When exercising by walking, pacing oneself is paramount—start small and gradually increase the intensity of the routine. Engaging in unsuitable heavy workouts can bring undesired effects like wearing the body down.

2.    Aerobic exercises

This is an excellent immunity-boosting exercise. Aerobic exercise is best for the heart and helps maintain a healthy weight. Also, it decreases a person’s chances of developing heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, and cancer.

Aerobic exercises tend to elevate the body temperature, which helps fight infection in the body.

The best immune booster for seniors with joint pain is water aerobics. It is an excellent workout alternative and a suitable means to help release joint tension.

3.    Strength building and training

One way to enhance body stamina and strength is through an immunity booster exercise known as strength building. Let’s go over a complete picture of how the muscles become more robust.

After doing push-ups for the first time, the muscles around the shoulders, chest, and arms experience stress and tears. However, this is no problem as the body makes up and mends the micro-tears and adds additional muscle, thus building up your overall strength.

Regular and continuous strength training follows a pattern where the body constantly stretches to repair muscle tears, resulting in bigger and stronger muscles.

It’s interesting to note that strength training helps burn calories, reduce fat, and improve muscle mass in older adults.

Strength training is crucial to alleviate back pain, boost cognitive function, and enhance coordination in older people. In essence, it helps them feel and look better.

4.    Yoga

Yoga focuses on the mind, keeping the immune system in the best condition.

The lymphatic system comprises glands such as the spleen and tonsils that destroy foreign material in the body and produce antibodies and more lymphatic cells. This system has to be active and in motion to function correctly.

Deep breathing is the quickest way to help the lymphatic system keep moving. Exercises such as yoga use meditation and deep breathing to connect the body and mind. Yoga also reduces stress which is vital for a healthy immune system.


Apart from staying fit and boosting general wellbeing and health, engaging in exercises such as walking, running, bicycling, yoga, playing golf, etc., helps improve the immune health of older adults.

They specifically aid in enhancing a healthy immune system, which is crucial for your loved ones. Seasons Retirement keeps this top of mind, ensuring all residents live fulfilled, healthy and fun lives.

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