Seasons Residents Celebrate Love & Appreciation: Friendship Edition

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February is a fitting time to celebrate love and appreciation, especially in the form of friendship. Social connections with others are one of the most significant benefits of residing in a senior living space like Seasons Retirement Communities, where residents are surrounded by like-minded peers in their age group. Seasons has residents who have made new friends, reconnected with old friends, or made the move to retirement living together. As we age, both old and new friendships become even more impactful.

In honour of ‘Galentine’s Day’ on February 13, a sweet holiday showcasing the love and affection of the ladies who make up each other’s support system, Seasons asked some residents to share their insights on friendship and what makes these connections so important.

Ruth & Roma

1. How long have you been friends?

“We became friends six months ago when we were paired up as tablemates in the dining room.”

2. What do you like about each other?

“I like that Ruth and I have the same sense of humour. We both speak freely and accidentally have a potty mouth,” says Roma.

Ruth shares, “I like Roma’s unique personality.”

3. Why do you think you two are such great friends?

“We are great friends because we love to share a good laugh. We are also bingo and flip-fast card buddies.” The two also bond over their love for animals. Roma has a dog named Sammy, and Ruth has a cat named Charlie. 

4. What is your favourite memory together?

“Our favourite memory together is when we were playing flip fast cards one night, and we both were bored. We began to play our own version of the game, which was considered trying to ‘swing the game’ in our favour. Once other residents noticed, they weren’t happy campers with us!”

5. What makes a great friendship?

“What makes a good friendship is respect and understanding. If one were to make a mistake, it is nice to be able to say sorry and reconcile. Laughter is also a great quality to have in a friendship.”

Seasons resident friends

Trio Ladies: Pat, Dolly and Mary 

1. How long have they been friends?

Dolly and Mary have known each other since high school. Pat and Dolly met in the 1950s when Pat moved to Amherstburg. Together, all three ladies have been tablemates at Seasons for years. 

2. What do they like about each other?

Pat, Dolly, and Mary all agree that what they like about each other is the type of friendship they have. They all grew up and raised their families in Amherstburg, sharing many friends. Together, they keep themselves informed about things happening in the town and each other’s lives. Most of all, they love how well they get along; sharing it is beautiful

3. Why do they think they are such great friends?

What makes them such great friends is that they all know each other well and share the same interests, including Scrabble and Bingo. They also love a good laugh!

4. What is their favourite memory together?

Because the ladies have known each other for most of their lives, no one favourite memory tops others. Instead, they all enjoy reminiscing about the past while enjoying their meals together. Conversations about the past bring them through the decades, from their early school days to their young adulthood to now.

5. What makes a great friendship?

When discussing what makes a great friendship, the ladies agreed that it needs love, good conversations, similar interests and a helpful hand.

Seasons three resident friends

Surround yourself with the people you like the most! Seasons’ Make Your Friend a Neighbour Program thanks residents for referring someone they know to their Seasons community by offering them both a $500 cash gift. If you have a friend or loved one searching for a retirement home, they can click the Locations tab on our website and connect with the Seasons location nearest them for more information.

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