Seasons Residents Make Old (and New) Friends Their Neighbours

Seasons Residents and Best Friends Joan and Joan

Friends are amongst the most significant people in our lives. They make us feel loved, encourage us to have fun, and are some of the strongest and most profound connections we form. As we age, old or new friendships become even more important. Studies show that social isolation can increase the risks of coronary artery disease and stroke. Having close friends has many psychological benefits, including boosting self-confidence, decreasing stress and anxiety, and helping cope with the loss of a loved one or an illness. Human connection and interaction also ward off feelings of loneliness and depression, which may become more common as we age.

Friendships and connections with others are some of the biggest benefits of living in a senior residence like Seasons Retirement Communities. Residents are surrounded by a community of like-minded peers in their age group. On top of that, there are a variety of activities, classes, and events offered that encourage them to engage and form bonds with each other. Taking a page from the groundbreaking television sitcom The Golden Girls, which smashed multiple stereotypes about older women living together and thriving, Seasons spoke to two beloved best friends who currently reside at Seasons Cambridge, Joan Graham and Joan Thomlinson, and have more in common than their first names!

Joan G. was the first of the two to move to the retirement community in November 2020. She proudly shares she was the third resident to move into Seasons Cambridge. Joan T. then moved in March 2021. Their friendship started more than half a century ago when they became neighbours on Crestwood Drive in Galt, a neighbourhood in Cambridge, Ontario. Joan G. moved into her house in August 1963, and then Joan T. moved into the house next door in October 1963. When reflecting on their decades-long relationship, Joan T. says, “It’s been that long, but it feels like yesterday. I certainly don’t feel my age!” Joan G. shares the same sentiment with a smile, “I feel very young at heart, too.”

Joan T. recalls, “I remember we moved around Halloween because Joan G. came over to our house in her bunny suit to introduce herself, and then I invited her in for a drink!” The two friends used to go to Tim Hortons daily at 2 p.m. for coffee. “We’d meet all kinds of people at Tim’s when we were there every day together,” states Joan T. Today, they enjoy coffee at the bistro in Seasons Cambridge every day, so not much has changed! They also used to go for lunch every Monday together. Now, at Seasons, they like to go to their favourite lunch spots with other Seasons residents and friends, like the Mandarin or Moose Winooski’s.

Why was it so special for you to have your neighbour and dear friend join you as a fellow resident at Seasons?

Joan T. was hesitant about retirement living, so she always asked Joan G. how she enjoyed living at Seasons, who would speak about the fun, food, etc.

“It just felt natural that we would want to live in the same place,” articulates Joan G.

What are some benefits of living together in a communal setting that you two enjoy?

“After nearly 60 years of friendship, it felt good to move to a new place where I had a friend already,” expresses Joan T.

Joan G. also added jokingly, “I always know where she is!”

These two like to get involved in many things together at Seasons. They enjoy virtual bowling in the theatre twice weekly and having coffee in the bistro with other residents daily. They are both a part of Seasons Cambridge’s Seniorosity Seniors group.

What would you say to someone considering moving into a retirement community where they have a friend living?

Joan T. exclaims, “Go for it!”

Joan G. echoes her lifelong friend’s feelings, “You won’t regret it. After all these years, we’ve never had a bad word with each other.”

Surround yourself with the people you like the most! Seasons’ Make Your Friend a Neighbour Program thanks residents for referring someone they know to their Seasons community by offering them both a $500 cash gift. If you have a friend or loved one searching for a retirement home, they can click the Locations tab on our website and connect with the Seasons location nearest them for more information.

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