Tai Chi for Seniors: Benefits and Tips for Beginners

tai chi for seniors

Older adults should try out new hobbies and activities to help them stay fit and active. If your parents and grandparents want to have some fun while also improving their physical and mental health, you should encourage them to practice Tai Chi as it is an excellent option to explore.

Tai Chi is an excellent activity for people of all ages to participate in, and it is thought to be particularly beneficial to the general well-being of older adults. Tai Chi has health advantages for older persons comparable to yoga benefits.

Seasons Retirement communities take pride in providing for the unique needs of our residents. Moreover, we encourage our residents to consider engaging in various exercises to stay fit and active.

This article is an overview of Tai Chi for seniors. It explains what Tai Chi practice involves, the benefits that your older one can gain from the activity, and a few beginner tips to help them through the exercise.

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a form of martial art that originated in China centuries ago. Although it started essentially as a self-defense practice, it has been adopted as a mind-body exercise over the last few decades.

Tai Chi involves practicing relaxed, steady movements with focused and deep breaths. To engage in Tai Chi, all your loved one will need is a comfortable outfit and some space large enough to accommodate their moving body conveniently.

Additionally, this mind-body practice comes with many physical and mental health rewards. Continue reading to discover the benefits of practicing Tai Chi and how your parents can begin their Tai Chi journey.

5 Amazing Benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi has several benefits for your older folk, from increasing energy levels to boosting cognitive function. Here are a few of the many advantages of Tai Chi for seniors.

1.    Alleviates stress

One of the most important benefits of Tai Chi is its role in alleviating stress and anxiety. It is believed to bring calm and tranquillity to a person’s mind. Tai Chi might be more effective in dealing with stress and anxiety because of the meditation and deep breathing involved in the practice.

Moreover, unlike other workouts, Tai Chi is relatively easy to practice and doesn’t necessarily strain the body. So, it is an excellent form of exercise for an older adult to relieve stress.

2.    Enhances balance

Improved balance is another one of the benefits of Tai Chi for seniors to reduce the risk of falling. It is a proven exercise to enhance the motor function of major muscles in the limbs.

A 2006 study found that individuals who engaged in Tai Chi could complete physical activities like chair rises 12.3% faster than those who did not participate. The study confirmed that older adults performing Tai Chi exercises displayed increased cardiovascular performance and reduced the likelihood of falls.

Furthermore, Tai Chi has been found to improve physical agility, coordination, and stamina. For instance, older people who engage in Tai Chi are more inclined to stay upright and maintain balance while standing on one foot.

3.    Boosts mood

Tai Chi helps in improving the mood of older adults. Some studies, albeit in preliminary stages, show that people who regularly practice Tai Chi experience elevated energy levels and an increase in the production of the body’s feel-good hormones like dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin.

After all, slow, focused breathing and movement are therapeutic. That being said, research is continuing further establishes the relationship between Tai Chi and elevated mood.

4.    Improves sleep

One of the essential benefits of Tai Chi exercises for seniors is healthier and more restful sleep. A healthy sleeping pattern is vital to the overall well-being of older adults. Simply practicing Tai Chi will positively affect your parent’s sleeping habits.

Research shows that practicing Tai Chi for 1.5 to 3 hours a week improves sleep quality in older adults. Another study found that Tai Chi classes may be more effective than other methods in bringing about positive results in the sleep habits of older people.

5.    Enhances immune system function

As with other forms of workouts, Tai Chi offers tremendous benefits to the immune system of older adults. Regular practice of this mind-body enhances your parent’s innate ability to fight diseases and illnesses.

Meanwhile, Tai Chi also increases the efficiency of vaccination shots and medications.

5 Tai Chi Tips for Beginners

Practicing Tai Chi for the first time may not be straightforward for your older folks. Below are essential tips that could help your older one perform the exercise more easily:

        1. Focus on your posture: Maintain a robust and upright posture throughout the Tai Chi practice.
        2. Maintain a low center of gravity: This helps promote balance to prevent falling over during the practice. You can maintain a low center of gravity by stooping slightly, and this is why Tai Chi for seniors sitting down is a good exercise.
        3. Keep the movements smooth and fluid: Ensure that your muscles and joints are loose throughout the exercise.
        4. Move with intent: Let the physical movements flow from within the mind.
        5. Keep the mind active while engaging in the Tai Chi exercise.


Tai Chi for seniors is an excellent choice for exercising both the mind and the body. This article should convince you to encourage your parents and grandparents to take up Tai Chi classes to gain from the numerous benefits highlighted.

At Seasons Retirement communities, we always have the resources and ability to provide an enabling environment for our residents to engage in healthy and fun activities.

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