Supporting Education for Staff Enrichment at Seasons

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Continuous learning is crucial in a workplace climate that is constantly changing. To remain professionally agile and maintain relevance in your industry, advancing and broadening our skill set is beneficial. Self-improvement supports career growth and results from training and development courses. Additional education also helps to enhance ambition, morale, professional engagement, and a sense of self-worth. Learning about new trends and technologies will also make you more qualified, in addition to receiving or renewing certifications or distinctions. Lifelong improvement helps you build your leadership qualities, transcending into inspiring others to continue their education.

Team members at Seasons Retirement Communities see the immediate effect of investing in their education on their everyday work life, boosting employee satisfaction, increasing the company’s community reputation, and, most importantly, improving their resident experience. In 2021, General Manager Donna Heck, Seasons’ longest-standing employee, retired early due to health issues. Donna is passionate about the importance of education, having fun at work, and surrounding Seasons residents with genuinely caring people. In honour of Donna, Seasons launched the ‘What The Heck?!’ education bursary, which awards 10 team members $1000 each to help pay their tuition or education costs each calendar year. Each applicant’s submission speaks to their passion for furthering their education, their genuine care for Seasons residents and team members, and their playfulness and ability to have fun.

Here are some of the advantages of growing your career as a senior living professional:

  1. Senior Living Supports Variety

An assortment of positions are available throughout a community, such as Seasons. Most roles support resident well-being, including care, fun and leisure, dining, environmental, and administrative support. Seasons team members can try out different positions, allowing staff to showcase their talents in many ways throughout their community and refresh their creativity. There is always something new to learn in senior living, as well as opportunities that can highlight your advancement of education.

  1. Senior Living Creates Career Stability

Senior living offers long-lasting job security; these positions are essential in ensuring retirement communities like Seasons can continue meeting the needs of the residents they serve. As our baby boomer generation ages, the need for senior living communities will continue to grow. Seasons recognizes the toll a career in caregiving can take and ensures they support staff with a robust and inclusive perks and benefits program.

  1. Senior Living Offers Advancement Opportunities

Senior living communities are excellent workplaces to find career advancement and promotions. Seasons has seen 47% of its team members benefit from internal growth opportunities. Staff doesn’t necessarily need to stay within their department when seeking a promotion. For example, Seasons has seen team members start as concierge or housekeepers and move into management positions. Thanks to the plethora of job positions available, staff can develop throughout their career path and adjust as their experience and education do.

  1. Senior Living Provides Networking Possibilities

For senior living staff looking to make an even more significant difference in the lives of seniors across their community, networking becomes increasingly essential. When Seasons team members get involved in groups for a specific vocation, they share their best practices and learn from their peers and industry professionals. Participating in these groups increases your specialized connections and the chance to advocate for seniors in your community and make positive changes to the field.

  1. Senior Living Reveals Life-Changing Relationships

Most importantly, a senior living career allows you to create and maintain meaningful relationships with residents, their family members, and your team that change how you care for others. When Seasons team members genuinely connect with and care about their residents, they can positively change their lives. Moreover, staff constantly learns life’s memorable and impactful lessons, spending time with the residents they serve. Often, a listening ear is more important than a complete to-do list. The connections you form with residents may be the most significant gift that being a senior living team member can give you.

Overall, continued education can support your company and allow you to advance tremendously, achieving professional success. Choosing a career at Seasons can lead to opportunities for growth, a chance to make an even more enormous difference in the field, and the potential to make a positive difference in the lives of seniors every time you go to work. Fun Aide Terry states, “I believe educating myself on an ongoing basis is important, making me better at my job and more effective when supporting our residents.” If you know someone you think would be an excellent fit for Seasons and is looking to make an impact in the life of a senior, you can encourage them to apply today by visiting our website and viewing all available job positions.

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