8 Spring Activities for Seniors

activity for seniors

After a long winter, it’s finally time to enjoy some time in the sun and indulge in the outdoors! Now that spring is upon us, those caring for older adults are likely looking for different ways you and your loved one can enjoy this beautiful season together. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of spring activities for seniors that are perfect for spending more time outdoors or around nature while remaining ideal for more physical movement. Keep reading for some fun ideas below!

1. Go on a tour of local farms

Agri-tourism is very popular during the spring season and is an ideal activity for seniors looking for an easygoing day out. 

Depending on the types of farms in your area, you can enjoy activities such as fruit picking, places for making fruit cider, observing and petting different farm animals, or even getting the chance to taste some fresh baked goods.

Visiting a local farm is an excellent way for older adults to take in the local surroundings and get some light exercise by walking around the property. It also creates a great memory for an older person and their loved one to cherish! 

2. Go on a picnic

Eating outside is always more enjoyable than inside! Take an everyday meal and turn it into something more special by making a picnic and taking it to a local park! 

Add fun, festive items to the meal, like cake or lemonade, and combine them with the perfect basket and tablecloth. If your older loved one has knee or back pain issues, you can try to find a park where you can sit at a picnic table or bench. 

You can elevate the enjoyment by inviting other family members or friends and making it a social activity. 

This is an excellent activity for seniors and their loved ones to enjoy quality time together, as you can take in the nature around you and enjoy a delicious meal in a lovely setting. 

3. Gardening

Gardening is another fun, productive activity for seniors to spend time outside, allowing them to engage with the great outdoors.  

If the older person in your life may need some assistance with this type of activity, it’s possible to create a garden with plants that don’t require too much maintenance, such as a few simple flower beds or a plot of perennials.

And if there isn’t a space for a garden, you can help them set up an indoor garden by planting herbs by their window or purchasing some standing and hanging house plants. 

4. Visit the local farmer’s market

A trip to the farmer’s market is ideal for older adults who want to make a day of shopping even more enjoyable! 

This is a great chance to find some decor and homewares from local artisan crafters, purchase fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, and try locally-made treats like preserves, jams, and baked goods.

Depending on the local interests of your area, the farmers market may even feature some free recreation such as live music, car shows, and other similar pastimes.

5. Go on nature walks

When spring comes along, we’re all eager to venture outside and take in our surroundings, and an excellent way for older adults to take part is to go on nature walks. 

During these walks, you can forage for flowers and foliage, which you can add to a vase or press in a book for crafts, and it’s a perfect setting for practicing photography.

This is also a good way for older ones to get in some light exercise, which is a great mood and confidence booster.

6. Outdoor volunteer activities

Volunteering is a wonderful way for older persons to feel more connected to their community, creating a perfect opportunity to socialize more. 

To make it even more fun, try finding volunteer activities that can be done outside so that your loved one can take in the beautiful spring weather simultaneously.

Many different volunteering opportunities take place outdoors, such as contributing to community gardens, working with animals, and other less labour-intensive activities.

7. Photography

The spring season presents the perfect opportunity for older persons to take up new skills and hobbies, such as photography, that are low-impact, productive, creative, and enjoyable.

This activity is ideal for those who love exploring different places. You can practice nature photography by snapping pictures of birds, flowers, the surrounding landscape, and local wildlife in each location. 

You can also use photography to aid other activities like bird-watching and identifying plants and flowers and to take reference photos for painting and sketching. 

8. Birding

As mentioned above, bird-watching or ‘birding’ is a fun pastime for older adults and their loved ones to take part in both during the spring season and year-round. 

It’s a great way to learn more about birds, such as the types of plants and flowers they’re attracted to, how long they reside in your province or territory, and the unique behaviours of each species you come across.

Birding can be done while on nature walks, where they can be photographed and observed in their natural habitat. Or, if your loved one prefers to stick close to home, you can install bird feeders to attract these fine-feathered friends to their doorstep. 


If you’re looking for different spring activities with your older loved one, consider some of the suggestions above! There are plenty of spring activities for seniors that can be enjoyed both outside and indoors and are ideal for any level of physical capability and energy level.

Pastimes like photography, taking a picnic to the park, visiting the local farmers market, and other ideas mentioned above are activities for adults of any age to enjoy, making them ideal for older persons to enjoy with their younger loved ones.

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