Seasons Proudly Shares Veterans’ Significant Stories

Seasons Amherstburg Poppy Garden with Resident Veterans

Remembrance Day is recognized every November 11th at 11 a.m. This significant date signalled the end of the First World War and aids as an impactful opportunity for Canadians to recall the strength and sacrifices of the courageous men and women who tirelessly served our country. It has since gone through periods of intense observation, such as the 50th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War in 1995. Formal ceremonies attracting thousands occur nationwide, commonly held at community cenotaphs and war memorials. Two minutes of silence, reciting “In Flanders Fields,” and playing the Last Post are all crucial parts of this commemoration.

In honour of Remembrance Day, all Seasons Retirement Communities participate in the Pennies for Poppies signature program from November 1st to 11th. Donations are collected at every home across Alberta and Ontario and given to the community’s local Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund. In addition to ceremonies and special events, complete with displays and viewings, paper poppies are ‘planted’ at each residence to create a meaningful visual display for our veterans, many of whom call Seasons home.

Another way that Seasons celebrates the contributions of its residents who are veterans is by showcasing them through its long-standing Remarkable Residents contest. Loved ones and staff are invited to nominate a Seasons resident who has overcome life’s obstacles to accomplish their goals and become an extraordinary community member through their work, volunteerism, and talents.

Below are three incredible individuals, all finalists from this year’s contest:

Seasons Cambridge resident Carla Wall marks her time in the military as the most meaningful and impactful of her life. She excelled in her career as a confident serviceperson for 24 years. Carla feels immense pride because her two sons, Chris and Shawn, followed in her and her family’s footsteps by joining the Canadian Forces. She faced her most challenging period when she was stationed at North Bay, ON, making many adjustments professionally, like learning to live in her new surroundings and, personally, becoming a newly single mother. To add to this situation’s difficulty, Carla was devastated to be diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. Depression, an early symptom of this disease, caused her to battle through a very tumultuous time. Carla feels incredibly fortunate to have a core community of people who propelled her to push through and receive the appropriate treatment. She counts her most significant accomplishment as raising her two boys to be highly capable, admirable men. Her family, who has been involved with the Huntington Society of Canada for 40 years, has a genetic history of the disease. This motivated Carla to volunteer with the organization for more than 25 years and to consistently give her body for live testing twice yearly. Carla is as committed to fighting this unrelenting disease, determined to make strides for her children and grandchildren as she was dedicated to serving her country in the military. Here is Carla’s moving story.

Seasons Dufferin Centre’s Agnes Ward recalls the strength and determination of both of her parents, which she drew upon during the difficult times she experienced after they passed away when she was a teenager. Then, Agnes followed in her three brothers’ footsteps, finding friends and fellowship as a serviceperson for the Royal Canadian Air Force, even completing flight training and spending time overseas. She is an avid volunteer and has held numerous positions with organizations including but not limited to The Quinte West Food Bank, The Quinte West Community Police, and 30 years with the Trenton Memorial Hospital. Agnes has also been recognized with The Queen’s Jubilee Medal, the Trenton Auxiliary Lifetime Achievement Award, and The Val Carswell Volunteer Service Award. See a special news spot featuring Agnes here.

Stoney Creek resident Omar Sloan sees strong communication as the common thread to many aspects of his life, from his successful career as a peacekeeper to being happily married to his beautiful wife for over 60 years. Through self-discovery and determination, he overcame addiction and dedicated time to giving back to those who needed support by volunteering with Alcoholics Anonymous. Omar finds meaning in sharing what he has to offer with others to make a difference, having reflected on his over 20 years spent serving in the Army. He has connected to this creative side through art and has also enjoyed playing hockey for many years. Omar believes in cherishing time with those who mean the most to you, explaining, “It isn’t the things you miss and think about; it’s the people you have loved.” He shares that raising his remarkable children is one of his most significant accomplishments.

Seasons veteran residents have worked hard to get where they are today. That’s why the company offers a range of lifestyle options for seniors. If you are searching for a retirement home for yourself or a loved one, please click the Locations tab on our website and contact one of our Leasing Managers at the Seasons Retirement Community closest to you.

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