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There is a lot to consider when determining what retirement living option is best for you or your loved one. We have created some helpful tools and blog articles to assist you while researching the next steps.

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National Blueberry Month

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National Family Reunion Month

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iphone basics for seniors

iPhone basics for seniors: 7 valuable tips and settings

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hearing loss prevention

Hearing Loss Prevention in Older Adults: Causes and Things to Avoid

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over 80 driving licence renewal

Over 80 Driver’s License Renewal in Ontario

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gardening for seniors

Gardening for Seniors, 6 Benefits

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dehydration in older adults

Dehydration in Older Adults, 6 Prevention Tips

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foods that help with joint pain

8 Foods That Help with Joint Pain

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exercises for swollen ankles

6 Simple Exercises for Swollen Ankles

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dance exercise for seniors

Dance Exercise for Seniors; A Fun Way to Stay Fit and Healthy

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independent vs assisted living

Independent vs Assisted Living, Which Is Right for You?

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eye care for seniors

Eye Care for Seniors: How to Care for Your Eyes After 60

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