Best Mobile Apps for Seniors That Promote an Active Lifestyle

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The 21st century has seen massive advancements in technology that benefits older adults. For instance, with the help of mobile applications, your parents or grandparents can track their health and wellness, sharpen their minds, and build social connections much more easily.

Because these apps for seniors are straightforward, with clear instructions on navigating, older adults can quickly get familiar with their uses. These apps can help your loved ones stay active in various aspects of their life.

Seasons Retirement is partnered with CareRX to offer medication management, as well as StrongerU Senior Fitness for age-appropriate, engaging fitness routines. Alongside these helpful applications, we’ve also prepared a list of best apps for seniors, grouping them into different categories, including health, entertainment, and fitness.

Best Health Apps for Older Adults

1.    MediSafe

MediSafe is a pill reminder app that can help older adults keep track of their pill usage and possible drug interactions. It’s available on both Android and iOS platforms. It sends notifications to users about medical appointments and other health services.

This excellent app offers great medical suggestions, assisting your older ones in choosing the proper medications. It features a drug interaction checker to notify users of likely drug interactions.

Also, MediSafe will send notifications to your phone or computer whenever your older loved ones use or skip their medications. This helps you to track how they use their drugs effectively.

2.    ShopWell

Our older ones need to eat well to stay fit and strong. As one of the best health apps for seniors, ShopWell provides an innovative solution to help older adults choose healthy options when shopping for food items.

With this app, your loved ones can scan nutritional labels to check if a specific product meets their health demands. Also, it has a section where your parents or grandparents can note any foods they’re avoiding.

Furthermore, ShopWell has a function that adjusts specific elements like saturated fat, artificial sweeteners, or high sugar to its user’s required quantity. Sign in with Google or Facebook or create a personal account to get started on this app. It is free to use and doesn’t require any subscription.

Best Entertainment Apps for Older Adults

1.    Audible

Nowadays, older adults are more familiar with audiobooks, and Audible provides a great way to unwind with their favourite books. It partners with Amazon Kindle, boasting one of the most reputable audiobook collections in the world. Your older ones can access thousands of audiobooks on this platform.

Audible requires a subscription to use. However, it offers a 30-day free trial for new customers. It provides room for flexibility, allowing your older adults to set timers and control the brightness. Also, Audible supports offline downloads.

Getting started on an iPhone and Android device isn’t difficult, as Audible is easy to operate on both platforms.

2.    Lumosity

While Lumosity is an entertainment app, it is also one of the best educational apps for adults. It is well known for its brain-stimulating puzzles, which are great for older adults’ memory. It offers over 40 puzzles that help your older ones work on their critical thinking, problem-solving, and memory retention skills.

With millions of users worldwide, Lumosity has gained a reputation as one of the go-to learning apps for adults. It has a minimalistic and simple-to-use interface, offering your older ones a good user experience.

Lumosity is free but requires a subscription to utilize its entire functions. The free version provides a handful of mental-improving games and displays users’ performance ratings.

Best Fitness Apps for Older Adults

1.    Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness, one of the best fitness apps for seniors, recognizes that workouts for older adults should be flexible and relaxed. Hence, the app treats users to sessions of moderate exercises to help them maintain excellent physical health.

Senior Fitness is free to use and provides an easy-to-navigate interface. On the platform, you can find mild exercises like heel raises, head tilts, and shoulder stretches.

It features workouts that can be practiced while sitting, making it perfect for older adults with physical limitations. Your older loved ones should find this app’s easy tutorials and low-intense workouts beneficial to enhancing their fitness.

2.    Map My Fitness

As one of the best fitness apps for seniors, Map My Fitness allows older people to track their physical activities. It is excellent for people who want to maintain an accurate record of their day-to-day routines.

The app allows your older ones to record almost anything they do — from walking the dog to playing with the grandkids. It calculates calories burnt, the amount of time expended, and other relevant statistics that change depending on your loved one’s activities.

With this app, your parents or grandparents can set personal goals and review their performance over time. It’s free to use and compatible with many fitness trackers.

Other Essential Apps for Older Adults

1.    Today Weather

Today Weather is a great app for older adults who love to keep tabs on the weather. It gives clear and precise information about the day’s atmospheric conditions. Using this app, your older ones will get reliable weather forecasts from reliable sources.

Also, it provides information about the UV index, pollen count, air quality, and other relevant data.

You can choose between the free and premium versions. While the free version displays ads, the premium version guarantees a no-ad experience. Older adults can enjoy this app on iOS and Android devices.

2.    Magnifying Glass With Light

Our parents or grandparents may experience issues with sight as they age, causing some reading difficulty. The Magnifying Glass With Light app is here to help.

With this app, your loved ones can position their phone’s camera over any text, magnifying and illuminating it for easier reading.

Final Words

While there are several other relevant apps for seniors, the above are helpful options for your older loved ones to lead an active lifestyle. You can find these apps on Google Play Store and App Store on Android and iOS devices, respectively.

Encourage your older relatives to stay up-to-date with the technologies that help them connect with their loved ones. This way, they won’t feel lonely and can always reach out to their children, grandkids, friends, and other well-wishers.

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