5 Benefits of Assisted Living for Seniors

benefits of assisted living for seniors

Moving to an assisted living environment can be difficult for some families, as this often means giving up their family home and moving to an unfamiliar place. 

However, while this type of change is initially complex, assisted living is a care type with many benefits. It will allow older persons to keep living independently and give their loved ones peace of mind knowing they’re being looked after. 

Let’s look at all the benefits and drawbacks of assisted living to determine whether this lifestyle change suits you or your family.

Pros and cons of assisted living

Before deciding whether to move yourself or your loved one to an assisted living environment, it’s essential to consider all the aspects of this living arrangement- both the major benefits and some things that may be drawbacks for some. 

This way, you’ll better know whether assisted living fits your current circumstances or if alternative arrangements should be made.

Assisted living pros

First, let’s look at just a few of the advantages of assisted living, and they affect both the person moving into this community and their loved ones.

1. Professional care

One of the main reasons older persons opt for assisted living is the assurance that they will receive regular, reliable, and professional care from on-site staff.  

Many different care services are provided to those in assisted living quarters, such as helping with getting dressed, bathing, housekeeping, preparing meals, washing linens, and medical aid.

Also, in case there’s an emergency, most assisted living communities provide medical services available 24 hours a day and performed by on-site staff.

2. More convenient lifestyle

Older persons looking to move into an assisted living home will receive excellent professional care, and the services provided will allow them to live a much more convenient lifestyle. 

After many years of looking after maintenance issues around their house, with their vehicles, and other labor-intense matters, those in assisted living communities will have all of these issues looked after by the on-site staff.

With such menial tasks being looked after, older persons will have more free time to spend on their friends and family, hobbies, and other personal pursuits.

It will also help those struggling with knee and back pain and other physical ailments that make performing laborious tasks difficult or dangerous. 

3. Better chances for socializing

Another great advantage of assisted living is the opportunities for socializing. Older ones moving into a community of their peers will have a chance to bond with others over their shared life experiences and make new friends during meal times and while engaging in recreation.

Also, the increased free time assisted living provides will allow residents to spend time with other friends and family members, especially if the care center they move into is closer to their loved ones.

4. Increased safety

Older persons opt for assisted living because they require extra safety protocols in their surroundings in case they experience a fall and sustain an injury. 

At assisted living communities, both the apartments and common areas are usually equipped with features such as handrails, wheelchair ramps, and other similar amenities to ensure ease of accessibility for all residents. 

Many of these care centers also feature raised toilets, walk-in showers in the resident’s bathrooms, and grab bars to lessen the chance of a fall. Furthermore, on-site staff are readily available to assist if any other accidents occur. 

5. A more active lifestyle

Assisted living centers offer many opportunities for older persons to be more active without the risk of injuring themselves while engaging in physical activity. 

Residents can sign up for exercise classes, such as aerobics, dancing, and other low-impact activities. These classes are usually supervised to ensure no one sustains injuries or responds to emergencies. 

Assisted living considerations

While assisted living has many benefits, there are other aspects to consider when deciding whether this community is right for you or your loved one. Let’s look at a couple of these below:

1. It’s a lifestyle adjustment

One of the biggest reasons older persons and their families are hesitant to choose selected living as the next step is how much it will change their day-to-day life. 

While assisted living provides older ones with much more help with chores, some potential residents may need help with someone else cooking their meals and doing their housework. 

Many individuals derive great satisfaction from these tasks and may need more time to adjust to this new lifestyle and pass on their responsibilities to someone else.  

If that’s the case for you or your family member, you may wish to consider an independent living community rather than assisted living. This type of living situation allows retired persons to maintain the majority of their daily routine while providing them with the option for extra help if they require it down the road. 

2. Limited medical services 

Assisted living provides residents with many care services, such as helping with hygiene, preparing meals, doing housework, and providing on-site medical care 24 hours a day.

However, older persons who require more hands-on care, such as two-person lifts, dialysis hook-ups, and 24-hour supervision, may be better suited to long-term care or a nursing home.

Final thoughts

Many benefits can be derived from choosing assisted living for yourself or your loved one. By moving into an assisted living community, older persons will receive many different care services, such as housework, meal preparation, and help with bathing, dressing, and other personal needs, along with access to medical care if necessary.

However, some may require more or less assistance with day-to-day tasks and medical care. Therefore, examine whether the lifestyle offered in assisted living homes is conducive to your current circumstances, and discuss it with your loved ones before making the final decision. 


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