Checklist for Retirement Living Options

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What to Look for When Researching and Touring Retirement Options

Researching retirement living can be an overwhelming task. Remember that there are no wrong questions when engaging with homes as you try to find the right setting for you. Researching a community from top to bottom ensures that what they offer matches what you seek. Seasons Retirement Communities are committed to being transparent about providing our prospective residents with the information they need to decide to choose one of our properties to be their next home.

What information should a retirement community be giving to you?

  1. The location and the available suite types. Most homes have different accommodation options regarding the size of the room or suite and the cost involved. Find out what option is best for your needs.
  2. Amenities, programs, and services. These can be wide-ranging from home to home. Many communities offer a workout area, café, and a theatre. Each community offers an activity program that is usually based on the interests of its residents. 
  3. Policies that may affect you. These could include pets, oxygen therapies, medical monitoring, and other specialized healthcare needs. Not every home accepts residents with specialized medical needs, so if you have one, it is best to mention it.
  4. The “feel” and personality of the home. Each community has a unique culture. As you go through the information and touring process, you will be able to find out more about each home’s unique way of life.
  5. The price and what’s included. Some homes offer a flat rate, while others provide services such as bathing and assistance with dressing at an additional fee. Before deciding to move into a community, make sure you know if you require further help and find out exactly what the extra costs will be.

What are some questions to ask when you visit home?

  1. Ask current residents about what it is like to live there. Ask what they like about living there and what they feel could use improvement.
  2. Ask what happens if your health takes an adverse turn. Some retirement communities can offer additional care services, or a resident could hire an outside private care company to help. However, the time may come when a long-term care home is a more appropriate setting. 
  3. Ask for admission paperwork, activity calendars, menus, and newsletters. Many homes have these available on their websites, but getting copies of the most recent ones is always best.
  4. Taste the food! Many homes offer free lunches as part of their tour experience or offer home-baked treats as a parting gift. Please take advantage of it to get a sense of the food quality.

Seasons is a proud Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) and Alberta Seniors and Community Housing Association (ASCHA) member. The organization has many resources available for anyone researching a retirement living option, including a Discovering Retirement Home Living Brochure and a Checklist for Retirement Home Visit. They are tremendous assets as you look into retirement options.  

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