Top 6 Free Memory Games for Seniors

memory games for seniors

It is vital to exercise our bodies as we grow older; it is equally important to exercise our minds.

Memory games are a fun and effective way to improve memory and cognitive function and keep minds sharp. Hence, it is little wonder that memory games for seniors are becoming more prominent in Canada nowadays.

While these games are fun for older adults, they also task and work their brains to function at an optimal level.

These games can also be beneficial for adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This article will discuss memory exercises for seniors and their benefits.

What To Look For When Choosing Memory Games

Nowadays, several games are available to play, and with iOS and Android devices, newer ones are released daily. However, only a handful of these recreational pastimes are good for improving the memories of older people. Here are some factors that make some games more suitable for older adults than others.

  1. Level of Difficulty: Caregivers should look for challenging games but not too difficult and frustrating. Nobody wants to spend hours trying to navigate through a game without making inroads. When choosing brain games for someone with dementia, for example, you should go for one that matches their current cognitive level. You can begin with beginner puzzles before advancing to more difficult levels.
  2. Type of Game: Choose a game that you and your loved ones could play together. There are many games to choose from, so there will be something for everyone, and you can enjoy some quality time even from a distance.
  3. In-Game Purchases: Some mobile and desktop games will require you to pay some extra fee to unlock special features such as personalized training programs, tracking, and support. Even though these elements are practical, an additional charge is something to consider.
  4. Formats: Brain exercises for seniors come in different formats, including board games, word puzzles, video games, each unique in their own way.

At Seasons Retirement, if a resident wants to play on a computer, mobile phone, board, or in a book, our expert caregivers will find the most appropriate games that suit them.

Best Free Memory Games for Seniors

Playing games can help our loved ones train their brains and minds in old age. Read on to learn about six of the best free memory games for older adults.

1.    Chess

This is one of the best brain games for older adults as it helps improve their thinking.

When playing, your loved ones will get to try out different strategies as they decide where to move each of their pieces. Chess is very accessible and can be found on phones, tablets, and computers.

2.      Do You Remember

Some of us played this game as kids. It is an excellent memory test for seniors as it encourages them to task their brains a bit. Here, you are asked to make a list of anything, memorize it and then recite it after some time. This will help train the mind to remember things better.

3.      Crossword Puzzles

Crossword Puzzles challenge people to think of the correct letters to fit in boxes and complete words. This game involves social interaction when playing with friends, which is excellent for older adults.

4.      Sudoku

For those who prefer numbers to letters, Sudoku is the perfect game for you. It is also featured in many newspapers and requires thinking of the correct numbers to fill blank spaces.

5.      Counting Backwards

Seniors do not have to be math experts to play this game. As long as you can count numbers and have basic knowledge of subtraction, you are good to go. Here, you will be asked to count backward, starting from a specific number.

6.      Switch it Up

This is a free memory test for seniors, where you will be required to use your non-dominant hands to perform tasks that you would ordinarily carry out with your dominant hand. This helps to build connections between the brain cells. Furthermore, as you train your non-dominant hand, it grows stronger.


Cognitive decline does not have to be associated with ageing. Performing these brain tests and exercises mentioned in this article will help your loved ones mitigate memory loss and help with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Seasons Retirement Communities offer several care options for residents, including memory care, through which highly trained and professional staff members ensure meaningful connections and experiences for those living with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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