Guide to Seniors Care Grant in Ontario

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Indeed, we want our parents or grandparents to stay healthy and active after retirement. When our older relatives are in good shape, they can participate in several activities to better themselves and their communities.

Fortunately, several community groups and organizations have made it their mission to ensure older adults get the retired life they wish for — one where they can interact with others in society, learn new skills, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The government of Ontario cares about the welfare of its mature citizens. For this reason, it supports and encourages numerous senior groups and organizations, hence creating the seniors care grant called the Seniors Community Grant program.

At Seasons Retirement, there are various living options for older adults looking to retire in Ontario. We offer different care options for seniors, including independent living, supportive living, assisted living, and memory care.

This article discusses the Seniors Community Grant program in Ontario, highlighting all you need to know about the government program. Click here to learn more about the Canadian Government benefits for older adults.

What is the Seniors Community Grant Program?

Senior Community Grant is a program set up by the government to aid societal organizations in providing a chance for older adults to find a higher degree of involvement, volunteer work, and engagement within their community.

The focus of this seniors program is to ensure the involvement of older adults in their community, whether from the comfort of their homes or other safe environments in Ontario. The program’s website explicitly states that the senior community grant aims to tackle social isolation and assist older persons in staying healthy, safe, and active in their communities. This is in line with the government’s commitment to the safety and well-being of Ontario’s older citizens.

The amount of money that the Senior Community Grant offers is quite generous, and could be up to $25,000. As previously noted, the recipients are usually non-profit community groups and organizations that provide volunteerism programs, social inclusion opportunities, and resources for seniors at least 55 years old.

For the 2022-23 program cycle, the government of Ontario has increased the available funds in the Seniors Community Grant Program to $6 million to show their dedication to older folks and their overall well-being.

4 Aims of Seniors Community Grant Program

The following are key ways the government of Ontario intends to use the Seniors Community Grant scheme to better the lives of older adults across the province.

  1. The Seniors Community Grant program will fund projects to help older adults grow in their homes and communities.
  2. These seniors’ care grants will support community organizations focused on ensuring the safety and security of older folks in their homes and society.
  3. The program will assist seniors’ groups that help older persons in Ontario to remain healthy and active physically and socially.
  4. By encouraging volunteerism, this government program will improve seniors’ active participation in the labour market and economy.

Funded Projects by Senior Community Grant Program

For the 2022-23 program window, a specific group of organizations and services will receive support from this seniors care grant in Ontario, and they include:

  • Indigenous, Metis and non-indigenous older persons form a culture and heritage committee in Pickle Lake.
  • Bereavement training in Peterborough that’s volunteer-based.
  • Seniors at Rexdale Community Health Centre in Etobicoke.
  • A Nordic pole-walking program for older folks in rural South Glengarry.
  • A knitting club to alleviate isolation in Scarborough.
  • Francophone adults in Sarnia and Lambton Counties can access a French Services Directory.
  • A series of speakers discussing elder abuse in Parry Sound-Muskoka.

The above projects and several others not listed are being funded by the 2022-23 Seniors Community Grant. One thing these senior assistance programs seem to have in common is that they provide various innovative ways for older adults in Ontario to interact with each other and other individuals while adding value to their communities.

Eligibility Requirements for Seniors Community Grant Program

Indeed, the purpose of this scheme is to impact the lives of every older adult in Ontario. Unfortunately, not all non-profit organizations can benefit from the Seniors Community Grant program.

There are specific criteria each senior community group must meet to be eligible to receive the fund this program offers.

  • Firstly, they must be a non-profit organization.
  • This non-profit organization must be community-oriented and contribute to the overall well-being of older people in Ontario.
  • They must also represent seniors’ groups or provide programs or services that help older people residing in Ontario.
  • The non-profit community organization must be in Transfer Payment Ontario.

Transfer Payment Ontario is a ONe-key account that gives private individuals and organizations secure access to government programs, services, and even government benefits seniors enjoy.

Eligible applicants for the Seniors Community Grant program include:

  • Indigenous groups
  • Local service boards
  • Municipalities
  • Individuals who represent seniors’ groups
  • Incorporated and unincorporated non-profit organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the grant program renew every year?

Yes, the program is renewed automatically at the end of each year.

Is there a limit to the amount an eligible non-profit group or organization can receive?

Yes. For each program cycle, a qualified non-profit seniors’ group can receive up to $25,000.

When was the Seniors Community Grant program created?

It was established in 2014, and the program has provided over 2,000 grants to benefit older adults in Ontario.

Ontario’s seniors age group is the fastest-growing age demographic in the province. Projections indicate that there will be 3 million adults over 65 in Ontario by 2023.


The Seniors Community Grant program proves that Ontario’s government considers the health and safety of older folks a matter of utmost priority.

If you are an individual who represents a seniors’ group or you contribute to the well-being of older adults in Ontario, note that this senior care grant was created specifically for your cause.

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