Seasons: Think of us as home


Seasons has launched a new animated campaign entitled “Think Of Us As Home”.  Animation is an exciting medium that has not yet been tested in the Canadian seniors housing market.  

Why animation?

There are a lot of reasons why animation is an appealing medium for storytelling.  As outlined in the article by GraphicMama, cartoon characters are very good at representing people’s lives.  It’s somehow more comforting to see oneself as experiencing the same problems or concerns as a cartoon character than it is a live actor, and in this way, cartoons connect with people more easily.  We can address sensitive topics, like making the move to a retirement community for example, in a way that is softer and perhaps more memorable. This is what inspired the team at Seasons Retirement Communities to explore animation as an option.  

The creative process

The process began two years ago. It involved finding a partner that could get the story just right and create sophisticated animation on a reasonable budget.  It took longer than expected, as so many creative endeavors do. Proprietary music was added to create recognition and continuity between this new campaign and commercials from the past.  It was a wonderfully challenging creative process.

Onto a new chapter

The goal of the commercial was to reflect our overall message that moving to a retirement community is a big decision in someone’s life, but it doesn’t have to be scary.  In fact, it brings a great deal of peace of mind for both our residents and their families, knowing our staff is always available if needed. Our residents often tell us that they wished they had made the decision to move to a retirement community sooner – and that they do, in fact, now think of us as home. We hope this sweet cartoon sticks in people’s minds and makes them feel hopeful, not fearful, about this next chapter in life.

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