Seasons’ Staff Innovates to Elevate as Intrapreneurs

Seasons Dream It Up

Learning to be innovative at work can help you build new ideas and significantly benefit your company. Innovation involves creating new concepts or improving current ones; implementing these processes or solutions at work can overcome some common challenges. When an opportunity for improvement arises, innovators use reason, logic, and, above all else, imagination to find answers. They often organize and develop tools, systems, and products that support their surroundings and overall work culture. These change-makers may strive to enhance results, productivity, or collaboration, and these results are most often influential and memorable.

Seasons Retirement Communities is committed to listening to and learning from their team members. They acted on the results from a recent Great Places to Work® Survey that showed the company’s staff sought a great way to share their fantastic ideas. Seasons’ Dream It Up Competition, a bi-annual contest that provides a platform for its team members to become intrapreneurs, allows staff to submit an idea that proposes a new process, policy, piece of equipment, or technology to improve the lives of their residents or fellow team members. Ideas must drive occupancy, improve engagement, or support training and recruitment. No idea is too big or too small! The participants can leverage existing resources and networks within their Seasons community to support their competition journey. The contest ultimately has one winner announced and awarded a grand prize, as seen at the finale in this 2022 Winner Reveal Video.

Here are some imperative ways that innovative thinking benefits staff and improves the workplace:

  1.       Sets the standard for development

A work environment that fosters innovation supports a foundation for sustainable progress. When staff strives for innovation, techniques become more effective. Additionally, these ideas can help the company improve or enhance its offerings and accelerate the resolution process.

  1.       Encourages the growth of new ideas

Newly generated concepts can immediately benefit a business. When companies trust, support, and reward their employees, they will automatically feel more creative and capable of being innovative at work, allowing the business to remain relevant and offer results for overall improvements.

  1.       Enhances team efficiency

Innovation also fosters a more favourable work atmosphere, which equates to productive employees. Since a considerable component of idea generation relies heavily on collaboration, staff leans on their ability to support and cooperate, sometimes finding new and even better ways to work together.

  1.       Increases your ability to adapt

A company that adopts innovation proves its adaptability to the ever-changing industry and demands, adding to its longevity and ability to stay topical and relevant. An innovative culture can also help build a stronger brand, attracting attention and recognition. While creativity will ultimately benefit the business by delivering a unique value-selling proposition, the bonus establishes the company as a market leader.

  1.       Contributes to the company’s advancement

Innovative companies have a higher chance of receiving recognition and generating revenue. Encouraging this type of work culture can contribute to its overall success and growth, as staff may feel an increased connection to their company, allowing them to advance towards achieving professional success. Choosing a career at Seasons can elevate your growth opportunities and enable you to make an even more enormous difference in senior housing. 

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