Seasons Retired Teachers Share Life Lessons Learned

Seasons Retired Teachers Give Advice

“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” These poignant words were shared by Malala Yousafzai, a female education activist and the world’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Teachers are integral to a student’s academic, personal, and social development. They dedicate their time and effort to ensuring that young people reach their full potential. Educators make a difference in their students’ lives by providing support, developing knowledge and skills, and cultivating curiosity and creativity. Many create an environment that encourages exploration.


Seasons Retirement Communities celebrated the 5th Anniversary of its signature Seniorosity™ program this past February. Seniorosity, a clever combination of the words’ seniors’ and ‘generosity,’ is a volunteer-driven initiative designed to create opportunities for Seasons residents to connect to their greater community, build friendships, provide meaning, and spread some joy! Over 200 residents across Ontario and Alberta have dedicated their time to community service through charitable donations, fundraising efforts, and random acts of kindness.


Some of the most meaningful resident-directed activities include supporting schools, with several Seasons residents being retired teachers. Seasons Seniorosity™ members find meaning in dedicating their time, energy, and efforts by sharing their books for literature by reading to young children, fundraising for school essentials and supplies, and dropping off treats to dedicated and hard-working teachers.


As young people prepare to go back to school come September, Seasons is applauding some residents who are retired teachers and sharing their pearls of wisdom and life-long learnings.


“I got to the kid’s heart; by making them feel important, I built trust and set rules and boundaries. This taught them how to be held accountable. I always saw the value in my students and understood that all children are different, and it is important to find what they are good at. I also focused on the positive behaviours and actions of my students.” Marilyn Thrasher, Teacher for 38 years


“I loved everything about teaching and treated the children like my own. My passion for education started early, as I always played school as a child. I knew teaching was my calling. I learned that every child is different, which taught me a lot about patience. I also loved doing special things for my students. The best part of living in a smaller community is running into my former students!” Marjorie Dufour, Teacher for 34 years


“I started in Special Education; this allowed me to learn about myself through my students as I developed patience, personality, and resources. I learned about different education styles and the unique way that everybody is meant to be in the world. I found nurturing my students’ confidence crucial, and I loved seeing them grow into themselves.” Maureen Byrne, Teacher for 20 years


“Teaching allowed me to be around kids, which I absolutely loved and still do. Making them smile and giving them their purpose in life was my goal. I also provide a gentle ‘push’ to those kids that needed it.” Noreen McGuire, Teacher for 29 years


“I knew I wanted to become a teacher by Grade 2, and I began teaching at rural schools at the age of 17 before going to Teacher’s College. I learned about myself and the positive impact I could make on their lives. I love teaching physical education and special education. I even continue connections with past students today.” Sheila Prescott, Teacher for all grades, supply, and physical education


“I taught shop and welding, and I loved the students. Seeing how they learned and changed, they became aware of things they didn’t know before. Young people are wonderful, they face too many pressures today, but I admire their resiliency. I learned that education, in all aspects, is the most important thing in life, and it is unlimited. I found teaching satisfying.” Ward Yorke, Teacher for 33 years


“I loved seeing my children’s accomplishments and learned more about myself through how my students viewed me. My older students showed how they respected me as an educator. Seeing that carry through years later when I saw my past students was a pleasure. I am also amazed every time I see a past student’s name in the local paper, recalling how I taught them previously.” Yollande McIntyre, Teacher of all grades


Seasons’ signature Seniorosity™ program allows seniors to stay active while increasing their feelings of fulfillment and purpose. Residents have made an important impact in their communities, especially at their local schools, spreading cheer, goodwill, and generosity to students and teachers. If you are searching for a retirement home for yourself or a loved one, please click the Locations tab on our website and connect with the Seasons location nearest you for more information.

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