Seasons Residents Show Gratitude Through Seniorosity® Program

Seasons Retirement Seniorosity residents volunteering

Creating a ripple effect of kindness makes the world a much brighter place. The awe-inspiring thing about goodwill is that the more you give, the more you get in return. It can be contagious, encouraging others to emerge with their own generous deeds. Kindness is known to increase self-esteem, empathy, and compassion. For older adults specifically, there is a decrease in loneliness and a boost in overall relationships, helping build social bonds.

Seasons Retirement Communities’ caring and dedicated team members make a difference by creating meaningful connections and ‘wow moments’ that matter for the seniors they support daily. In turn, its residents eagerly express their gratitude at every turn. Seniorosity®, a clever combination of the words’ seniors’ and ‘generosity,’ is Seasons’ volunteer-driven initiative designed to provide opportunities to spread compassion and spark some joy! In honour of ‘National Do Something Good for Your Neighbour Day’ on May 16, Seasons spoke to a few of their Fun Managers who spearhead the program about how these acts of kindness make such a profound impact.

“Seniorosity means the world to me and our residents. Like a family, we come together as a group and give to those in need. It gives our residents a sense of purpose and boosts their self-esteem. It also teaches us a stronger sense of our community. We even had a resident join at 98, and she volunteered for two years! The ‘Knitters Nook’ loves to donate hand-made baby hats and mitts. We also drive around town and donate cookie boxes or cheer boxes to local businesses that have always supported our home. And a favourite stop is ALWAYS the Fire Department! Our top two fundraisers have included Abigaille’s Army (Abigaille is an extraordinary 10-year-old girl battling a form of cancer called Diffuse Midline Glioma) and Dunkin’ for the Dieu (for the palliative care unit at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare). Our staff, residents, and family members also participate in making a Christmas miracle for families in need. Seniorosity holds such a special place in my heart.” Jenn (Seasons Amherstburg)

Seniors and Generosity is the most fitting description of this incredible program, giving our residents the independence to make new connections or continue to foster ongoing community relationships. Our Seniorosity team is very intentional about spreading kindness. In addition to our local food bank, hospice, and animal shelter, other organizations we’ve supported include The Pregnancy Centre, The Down Syndrome Society of Waterloo Wellington, Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAAR), Ronald McDonald House, and Pound Dog Rescue. There is no limit to the organizations we want to give back to. The Seniorosity Team at Seasons Cambridge loves to give back and be a little silly along the way!” Erica (Seasons Cambridge) 

“Seniorosity to us means giving back to our community. Our home has a soft spot for little people. We love visiting local schools for ‘Read-To-Me’ days and having the kids come to Seasons Camrose for trivia time. We are also thrilled to have partnered with schools for our ‘Seasons Community Garden’ program. Our Seniorosity team is dedicated to donating to the women’s shelter, and we have also taken part in their fundraisers. We thrive on getting together and brainstorming ways for us to give back. Our residents’ hearts are huge, and they have definitely stolen mine!” Lisa (Seasons Camrose)

“We love connecting with the community through our Seniorosity program. Many of our Seniorosity residents have past volunteer experience. There is so much therapeutic value in giving back to the community; it makes you feel good, and you get to make someone else feel good, too. One of our most memorable Seniorosity moments last year was reading to the kindergarten kids at Spitzee Elementary School. This past March, for International Women’s Day, we learned a new skill by crocheting small hearts, then we handed them out to people at the library. It will be our third year making candy bags for the parades here in town in May; families of the residents help staff at our home with this one. We started out making 800 bags of candy and 1000 bags last year. This year, with the growth of our town, we plan to make over 1500 bags for the parade! The Seniorosity Team always says, ‘By bringing smiles to others, you will bring one to you, too.'” Chrystal (Seasons High River)

“Seniorosity means so much to our residents and team members because they are incredibly connected to our community. It is another way to help make the town we call home a better place. That’s why Seniorosity is so important to us. We want our community to know we are here, looking out for them, and are grateful for all they do. We like to bring goodie bags to the local businesses, facilities, and schools. Our staff will even personally bring items they want to add to the goodie bags. Our Seniorosity team takes the bottles in our home to the Bottle Depot, and the money we save throughout the year is donated to local charities and the Legion. Spreading kindness like this gives us a sense of belonging and accomplishment.” Uta (Seasons Olds Encore)

“Our residents and I look forward to each part of the Seniorosity program. We create our monthly plan asking the ‘who, what, and where’ based on our community needs and residents’ passions. In particular, our residents love children and animals. So, we packaged seeds and delivered them to a local school to celebrate Earth Day. Residents enjoyed creating seed packages at Seasons while reminiscing and sharing stories about their gardens. Then, we had the pleasure of meeting young students who shared their friendly smiles, laughter, and gratitude with us. This month, we’re making catnip toys for our furry cat friends who live at Seasons and collecting dog food and treats to deliver to our canine companions at Happy’s Place, a specialized senior dog rescue. What I adore most is seeing the joy that Seniorosity brings to our residents. We love going into our community, meeting new people, and spontaneously bringing happiness to someone else! Simple kindness goes a long way.” Rebecca (Seasons Strathroy)

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