Safest Cities in Ontario for Older People

safest cities in ontario

Some essential criteria for older adults looking for a residence are safety, quality of life, amenities and activities available, and the community itself.

For these reasons, Canadian seniors may want to consider residing in one of the safest cities in Ontario, where they can enjoy some peace of mind while living life to the fullest.

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Some people claim that there are many secure and peaceful places in Ontario for older adults to stay, but this is not precisely the case.

Hence, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the safest towns in Ontario to reside.


A haven for Canadian seniors, the city of Peterborough is arguably one of the safe places to live in Ontario. The crime rate in this region is relatively low.

It is little wonder that this town has become home to many older people in Canada. The city offers housing at pocket-friendly rates, quality regional healthcare, and easily accessible transportation. Also, there is a low crime rate in the area, which is a positive for retirees.

Owen Sound

Owen Sound is the largest urban area in Grey and Bruce Counties, with about 21,341 people. In this region, the percentage of people above 65 is about 30%, and the average age of all residents is 47 years.

One of the safest cities in Ontario, the Owen Sound is renowned for its beautiful outdoor landscapes, as it features natural attractions, including several waterfalls. Furthermore, the city is known to host multiple cultural events. Some of these include the Summerfolk Music and Northern Lights festivals.

We at Seasons Retirement Communities offer affordable and beautiful accommodations in Owen Sound. Our highly trained staff are committed to looking after residents’ needs and creating meaningful experiences for every person.


LaSalle is known to be one of the safest places to live in Ontario, as it boasted a Crime Severity Index (CSI) of 14.65 in 2020. Crime in this region has reduced by 4.7% in the previous five years before that.

Additionally, this city has some of the biggest events in Canada, including the annual Strawberry Festival, which is held on the first weekend in June. This festival provides an avenue for older adults to interact and socialize with one another.

This city offers a family-friendly environment, reasonable living standards, and favourable weather conditions apart from security.

Season Retirement Communities offers housing options in LaSalle, Ontario, where older adults can relocate to enjoy a vibrant life, doing what makes them happiest each day.


Also known as the ‘Royal City,’ Guelph is one of the safest cities in Ontario. This region has a CSI of 48.4, ranking high in terms of the safest places in Ontario. While the standard of living is high, the cost of living is pretty low.

In Guelph, housing is not expensive, social amenities are well provided, with friendly residents.


Petawawa is one of the safest places to reside in Ontario. This town contains about 17,000 people and has a low crime rate of 66% below Canada’s national average.

With a CSI of 17.43, Petawawa is one of the safest communities in Ontario. This area has seen a steady 19.79% decrease in crime rate in the previous five years.


This piece has discussed five of the safest places to live in Ontario while explaining why they are considered peaceful. Now that you have stopped working and looking to enjoy life in retirement, you should consider relocating to any of these cities mentioned in this article.

Older adults and their families looking for retirement residences should consider accommodations offered by Seasons Retirement Communities in several

of these locations.

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