Pennies for Poppies: Honouring our Veterans


Making change

We created the Pennies for Poppies campaign to honour the many veterans who live at Seasons Retirement Communities. On September 11, 2016, each Seasons Retirement Community began collecting pocket change from staff, families, community members and residents to support its local Royal Canadian Legion.

“Seasons chose to donate to the Royal Canadian Legions because we appreciate the important work they do to help aging veterans. The Legion is an important community resource in the cities and towns where we operate retirement homes,” says LeighAnne Voll, executive vice-president, Seasons Retirement Communities. 

Paper poppies with donors’ names were posted in each Seasons retirement home to create a Remembrance Day display. Additionally, on the morning of November 7, all Seasons residents woke up to a beautiful surprise. A total of 300 paper poppies were planted in their home’s garden to celebrate the contributions and remember the sacrifices of our veterans.

“Our veterans were so proud to stand outside with the field of garden poppies.  They loved them so much, some wanted to hold them in their arms before we planted them,” says Dawn Petit, general manager, Seasons Dufferin Centre.

Supporting Royal Canadian Legions

During the week of November 7, 2016, representatives from 11 local Legion branches visited their nearest Seasons community to accept the donation of all collected pocket change. Plus an additional $1,000 corporate donation. In total, Seasons donated $11,938 to Royal Canadian Legions across Ontario.

“The Pennies for Poppies campaign was a great success, both as a fundraiser and as a means of displaying our commitment to honouring veterans. Our corporate vision is Connect. Care. Change. We know that when we take the time to genuinely connect with our residents, and show that we care, we can change their day, and their life, for the better. In connecting with our veterans, we learn about their stories and keep their history and accomplishments alive, forever,” says Voll. 


Seasons has also created a Remembrance Day video, including the names of all veterans who live with us and to celebrate Pennies for Poppies.

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