COVID-19 Update: Changes to Visitors Policy in Ontario

February 25, 2022


Hello everyone,

The Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility (MSAA) Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility released a new direction regarding the de-escalation of measures in retirement homes. These changes were effective February 22, 2022, in Seasons communities in Ontario, provided the home is not in an outbreak.

Please find below highlights:

General Visitors

General Visitors will continue to be permitted, with safety measures implemented by the retirement home, unless advised by the local public health unit (PHU).

  • The number of General Visitors will be increased to 5 individuals per resident at one time for indoor visits and 12 individuals per resident at one time for outdoor visits. For all visits, sufficient space must be available to allow physical distancing.
  • General Visitors and residents must maintain physical distancing (2 metres separation) for the duration of the visit. This is with the exception of brief physical contact (i.e. hugging), which is only permitted with fully vaccinated visitors.
  • Retirement homes should continue to strongly encourage access to the home to only General Visitors who are fully vaccinated and should continue to encourage outdoor visits as much as possible.

Social Gathering and Organized Events

  • Social gatherings and organized events will continue to be permitted at all times, including higher intensity exercise classes (e.g. cardio) and social activities that include singing, dancing, and performing music.
  • All fully vaccinated General Visitors (including facilitators) may now attend social gatherings and organized events if they pass active screening and demonstrate a negative Rapid Antigen Test.
  • Residents, staff and fully vaccinated Essential Visitors may continue to attend social gatherings and organized events.
  • Retirement homes may continue to operate saunas, steam rooms, indoor pools, libraries and indoor sport and recreational fitness facilities (including gyms) at 50% capacity.

Visiting a Resident

Reminders about visiting a Seasons community:

  • Visits are to be scheduled in advance through Cubigo to ensure equitable access for all residents
  • Visitors are required to:
    • Review all IPAC posters, links and videos on Cubigo at least monthly
    • Complete the Health Screening Questionnaire on Cubigo before entering the home. Please note that the Ministry has updated their Screening Questionnaire, and those questions are now reflected on Mildred. You can find them here for reference.
    • Provide proof of vaccination for us to record this information as per the Ministry
    • Complete a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and demonstrate a negative test result before entering the home. Visitors who have tested positive for COVID-19 but completed their quarantine may resume asymptomatic testing after 30 days from their infection. Proof of a positive test will be required to ensure the timing of resuming access and testing.
    • Provide their surgical mask and wear their mask throughout the entire duration of their visit

I want to thank all of our team members, residents, families and friends who have continued to champion the vaccination program and IPAC protocols. We appreciate the trust you have placed in Seasons Retirement Communities. We take our responsibility to you very seriously and will continue to make all decisions with our staff and residents’ best interests in mind.


LeighAnne Voll
Chief Operating Officer,
Seasons Retirement Communities

For additional online resources for COVID-19 you can visit the following sites:

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Retirement Home Regulatory Authority

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