Is Retirement Living or Long-Term Care the Right Choice?


Is Retirement Living or Long-Term Care the Right Choice?

The differences between retirement and long-term care homes are clear to those in the industry, but it can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming for people who are learning about these very different living options. Both sectors employ healthcare professionals and support staff to provide residents with a safe and home-like environment, offering activities to keep them active and engaged. The biggest difference is in the level of care each home provides and how the service is paid for. Seasons Retirement Communities is here to help with specifics of what both options have to offer.

What is a Retirement Home?

A retirement home provides rental accommodations with care and services for seniors who can live independently with only minimal to moderate support. Seniors can choose the community they wish and waitlists depend on the individual home and are not managed by a central placement system. The residents who live in retirement homes pay 100 percent of the cost, and the rates are set by each home itself. A retirement home is meant to be a place where people can make the most out of being retired, doing all the things they enjoy without having to worry about the hassle of daily chores and tasks. Seasons affords residents meaningful experiences, social activities, and outings. They also offer nutritious and well-balanced meals, living spaces, and a sense of community. Seasons, like many retirement homes, provide various forms of care.

What is a Long-Term Care Home?

A long-term care home is designed for residents who require more specialized care and the availability of 24-hour support, sometimes in a secure setting. Residents may have chronic health conditions and need help to complete daily tasks such as getting dressed, grooming, and eating. These homes receive government funding that covers some of the cost for those required to pay a co-payment to the home. The fee charged to residents is set by the government. Many homes have wait lists, sometimes very long, and there is no guarantee residents will get their first choice of facility.

What is the right choice for you or your loved one?

When you compare a retirement home to a long-term care home, there are a variety of factors to consider. Retirement homes provide added benefits for active, independent seniors. In contrast, long-term care homes focus on helping people with daily tasks and improving their quality of life.

There are many long-term care homes to choose from but before deciding, consider if a retirement home is a better fit for you or your loved one. When you have a robust understanding of the differences between retirement living and long-term care, you can make the best decision. If you are interested in searching for a Seasons Retirement Community, please click the Locations tab on our website and connect with the Seasons location closest to you for more information.

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