Importance of senior groups and being social as you age


With National Best Friend Day falling on June 8th, it’s more important than ever to bring the significance of social engagement for older adults to the forefront. Preventing social isolation is crucial for maintaining one’s well-being and ensuring a happy and fulfilling life. Finding new opportunities for companionship isn’t difficult when you know where to look.

This article will explain why older persons must engage socially and participate in senior groups and activities that connect with others.

We’ll also discuss how having your loved ones move into a retirement living community can create more opportunities to mingle with peers and learn new skills.


The importance of being social for older adults

Establishing new social relationships and maintaining existing ones is crucial for wellness, as it helps prevent feelings of isolation and combats loneliness

Regular participation in social activities and social groups for seniors is vital, as they give older persons something to look forward to regularly. Older adults making connections through shared interests are provided with a sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose.

Learning new skills while socializing also encourages mental stimulation and allows for important bonding opportunities that benefit one’s well-being.

As long as there’s a willingness to try new things, forming new friendships and meaningful connections doesn’t have to be difficult and can only benefit older adults, enriching their lives.


Activities and groups for older persons

Remaining socially active means seeking out enjoyable senior groups and activities. Here are some ideas to encourage older adults to find meaningful social opportunities.



Volunteers are always needed. Many public services and non-profit organizations rely on the help of volunteers to keep themselves running, so there will always be available openings.

Whether volunteering at a local library or a soup kitchen for older persons, it’s a chance to make a difference, meet new people in their communities, and create new relationships.


Take educational courses


While a full-length university program may not be of interest, many post-secondary institutions and schools offer courses for older adults, often at a discount (sometimes even for free!).

Classes can be, for example, for art, learning a new language, improving computer skills, and so on. Regardless of the course type, educational courses provide older persons with new skill acquisition alongside the chance to make social connections.


Fitness classes

Social groups for older adults can also include recreational classes that involve fitness and staying in shape. Physical activity can provide many social benefits and meet daily exercise recommendations to remain healthy.

Fitness classes are a great way to maintain health and meet people with similar interests.

Consider suggesting classes for yoga, swimming or participating in sports like tennis or golf to your loved one. 


Community center programs and workshops

Local community centers usually offer a variety of programs and workshops for all ages, including older adults. These programs may include photography, pottery, or arts and crafts.

Most of these programs or workshops are free or charge a minimal participation fee. It’s recommended to check what’s available at your loved one’s local community center, as it can be an excellent way to meet people.


Local social clubs

Local social clubs for seniors may be for more general socializing and cover a wide range of interests, but they also may focus on more specific topics. 

Based on your loved one’s interests, they may be able to join social clubs centred around things like books or gardening. Being surrounded by people with shared interests can increase the likelihood of forming meaningful and lasting friendships.


Game nights

Staying social means not only forming new relationships but maintaining them as well. Older adults are encouraged to spend time with friends, family, and community members through regular social events like game nights.

Board games, card games, and bingo can be a lot of fun for large groups, and games like chess or mahjong are also great for quality time with smaller social circles.


Having your loved one move to a retirement residence for social opportunities

Senior groups and activities allow for the prevention of loneliness and isolation. However, getting out may be difficult without assistance for those who can’t drive or those who are less mobile. For this reason, among others, many older adults end up moving to retirement living communities such as Seasons Retirement.

Retirement communities are created to meet the needs of older adults and provide ample opportunities for older persons to socialize with similarly-aged peers. Events and activities are planned to help residents live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

If you’re looking for a retirement home for your loved one, consider Seasons Retirement today.


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