How to support your local food banks this summer


Nutritious eating is a key component of healthy aging. Yet many seniors don’t have access to fresh, wholesome foods every day. Research from the McMaster Optimal Aging Portal states that poor nutrition leads to serious health problems like diabetes, cancer and hypertension, especially in older adults.

The HungerCount 2016 report from Food Banks Canada says that 16.1 percent of food bank users are aged 65 and older.

What does this data tell us?

Older adults are accessing food banks at an increasing rate. Seniors require foods rich in essential vitamins and minerals to help fight off harmful and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

Inadequate services and lack of awareness about existing services are challenges that all vulnerable populations face. Seniors are even more at risk for poor nutrition because they may experience physical, social and financial limitations that prevent direct access to solutions.

Increased demand, decreased supply.

Many seniors rely on food banks all year round. It’s been noted that the demand placed on food banks is greater than the supply. Donations to food banks drastically decline throughout the summer months. As a result, it’s increasingly difficult for families, children and seniors to maintain good health.

When the end of the school year rolls around in June, families can no longer rely on school-based breakfast and lunch programs.  Seniors also face a tough situation because they can never rely on similar programs. This means people in our communities need to access food banks at a time when supply is generally the lowest.

How can you help?

  • Start spreading awareness about summer hunger and healthy aging
  • Call your local food bank to find out what items are most needed
  • Make an effort to donate either cash or non-perishable food items over the summer months
  • Involve your kids. Spend a day or week volunteering at a food bank to show that hunger doesn’t take a summer vacation
  • Set up a food collection bin in your workplace
  • Ensure your loved ones are eating properly
  • Visit to make a donation to a food bank in your community

To learn more about how Seasons Retirement Communities is helping to fight summer hunger read our latest news release, $40,000 goes to support food banks this summer.






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