How Seasons Residents Worry Less and Live Better

Two Seasons residents who participated in the I Quit campaign smiling while holding sign.

Seasons Retirement Communities is committed to providing residents with “Better Living, Less Worry.” Moving to Seasons means you or your loved one no longer need to be burdened by cooking every meal, cleaning and caring for a home. Many move into senior housing due to an increasing desire to be more social, make new friends or live healthier. Seasons offers many different activities shaped by the desires and preferences of each home’s residents. Seasons Fun Managers are attentive and eager to respond to feedback, incorporate favourite pastimes, and encourage residents to lead their own workshops using their valued talents or unique hobbies.


Recently, some real-life residents shared what they no longer have to worry about since moving to Seasons:


“I no longer have to endure long days of being alone. I have the joy of being with people throughout the day! Even if only for meals or the many activities going on!” 

  • Audrey


“I no longer have to worry about endless things! But at the top of my list, I would have to say the bills and cooking for myself. Living here has allowed me to focus on more important things rather than property taxes, bills, laundry, etc.” 

  • Bonnie


“I can still come and go as I please. I have maintained all my freedoms! I go to lunch weekly with my buddies. Our group is called ‘The ROMEOs,‘ which means Retired Old Men Eating Out! And it is comforting to know that Seasons wants to know if I am away and when I return. I feel as if I am missed!” 

  • Carl


“I’m excited to share that I quit driving! Now I get to take the shuttle bus to appointments and shopping, and I don’t have to worry about taking care of a car or finding directions when driving.” 

  • Dee


“I feel as though I have really flourished since moving to Seasons, and I’m becoming actively involved in Seniorosity™ volunteering.” 

  • Diane


“I am very active and happy to share how I have more time for a social life and independence. I also use the bus for shopping and fun!” 

  • Joyce


“I am excited to see that I have more time for my studies because I take university classes!”

  • Keith


“I have quit sitting at home alone with nothing to do! Now, I have a social life. I love to dance, enjoy entertainment, and play games with friends. My daughter Martha doesn’t have to worry about cooking or helping me manage my household; now she has more time for social things like her bridge club! She can enjoy her life without worrying about caring for me because I am in a supportive place.” 

  • Jane


“After my wife passed away, I wanted to live somewhere where I didn’t have to worry about cooking. I play golf and am in a bowling league, so I now have more time for that and don’t have to worry about preparing food.”

  • Ron


“I quit planning meals, doing groceries, and cooking. My husband is happy he doesn’t have to maintain the house anymore, fix things, mow the lawn, and tend to the garden. We now have more time to relax and to be social. Our son also doesn’t worry about us!” 

  • Shirley & Vic


“I used to bowl in a regular league but had to stop due to mobility issues. But now, at Seasons, I can play Wii Bowling! So, I can continue doing what I love just by living here! I enjoy Wii Bowling so much that my family even bought me one for my suite. I must say I am pretty good at it, too! It is fun to play with other residents.” 

  • Toni


“My wife lives in the Memory Care section at Seasons. Now, I don’t have to spend time cooking and cleaning; I can devote more of myself to care for her.” 

  • Walter


There is no magic age or time in someone’s life to move into a retirement residence. Everyone has different needs and wants for this stage of life. If you are looking for senior housing for your loved one and would like additional information about living at Seasons Retirement Communities, please click the Locations tab on our website and contact one of our Leasing Managers to learn more.

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