Father’s Day Activities to Do with Older Adults


If you have the privilege of spending Father’s Day with your father or grandfather, why not find a great activity you’ll both enjoy? 

You may love your dad to the moon and back, but a trip to the moon is not exactly in the realm of possibility. Fortunately, you can do many fun activities to ensure your father or grandfather feels loved and appreciated. Here’s a list of our top 9 Father’s Day ideas for seniors.  


1. Take him out to a sports game. 

If your dad is a sports buff, take him out to see his favourite team. Nothing says bonding quite like wearing matching jerseys during a live sporting event. Even if you don’t like sports, your dad will appreciate you stepping into his world for the day. 

If mobility is a concern, bring the game to him. Set up a nice comfy place to watch the game on a TV screen or a laptop and buy some yummy snacks to share. This option can be especially enjoyable if you make a night of it. This option might be better for dads who prefer to stay at home than a live game.


2. Games night. 

If you’re looking for some Father’s Day ideas for seniors, you can’t go wrong with a classic games night. Invite your dad for a fun night of board games or cards. These can be games you grew up playing or new ones. Involving the grandkids can help you pass the fun on to the next generation. 

Consider inviting his friends to join the fun or host a friendly poker game.


3. A night on the town with dinner and a movie. 

If you’re looking for great Father’s Day activities for seniors, why not opt for a traditional night on the town? A nice dinner and a great movie can be a perfect night out for individuals of any age!  

Invite Dad or Grandpa to dinner at his favourite restaurant, or try a new cuisine together. Afterwards, you can take a walk around town and explore the city. He may have some fun stories to share with you, especially if he grew up in the area. 

While indoor movie theatres are much more common today, drive-in theatres have come back in style in recent years. Buy some snacks (or bring some takeout!), pack some blankets, and pull up to an outdoor movie theatre. It’s a unique, retro gift for Grandpa!  


4. Golfing, bowling, or another fun game. 

Golf and bowling are both popular Father’s Day activity ideas for seniors. If your dad likes to golf, take him golfing at his favourite course, or surprise him by taking him to one he’s never visited. Mini-golf is also a great option if you and your dad both enjoy golf but want to bring little kiddos along. 

There are several mini golf courses across Ontario and Alberta, ranging from outdoor miniature golf to glow-in-the-dark mini-putting. 

If these ideas don’t interest him, you can play several games at home or in the yard. 

Some other Father’s Day games for seniors include: 

  • Darts
  • Horseshoes 
  • Bocce ball 
  • Croquet 
  • Badminton 
  • Bean bag toss


5. Sightseeing. 

Canada is full of lush, beautiful landscapes from coast to coast. Venture into the great outdoors and look at what nature has to offer. Go on a walk in a local park. If you take a road trip outside the city, stay until the evening to glimpse the stars. 

Don’t remember what all the constellations are called? There’s an app for that. Download one before you go to map out the night sky on your device. 

Nature in Canada is breathtaking, but if your dad is more metropolitan, don’t worry! There are plenty of things to do in the city. Visit a local distillery, a museum, or a local art gallery. Strolling through the concrete jungle can be just as fun as exploring off the grid. 


6. Buy tickets to a concert or theatre show. 

Is he a fan of the arts? Why not treat him to a concert playing some of his favourite music? While some of his favourite artists may not be touring anymore, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any concerts he won’t enjoy. 

If he likes jazz, find a jazz bar and help him take a trip back in time to the good ol’ days. Extra points if there’s dancing! 

If Dad or Grandpa enjoys theatre performances, see if you can find a show he’d be interested in attending. Broadway shows typically run in the fall and early spring seasons, so take show schedules into account when booking. Live theatre can also be a great gift idea for Mother’s Day.

Pro tip: If you’re on a tight budget, many local theatre companies also put on shows and concerts. These shows are often just as professional as the real thing, and tickets are often significantly cheaper.


7. Go fishing. 

Like golf, fishing is a classic Father’s Day idea for seniors. If your dad is a fishing fanatic, grab your gear and look up popular, local fishing spots. Canada is home to more freshwater lakes than any other country, so you’re bound to find an incredible spot to cast your lines. 


8. Beach day.

There’s nothing like the sound of the water hitting the shoreline. If fishing isn’t his thing, but he loves the water, take him to the beach for the day. A beach day can be a fun outing for the whole family! Bring refreshments in a cooler, pack a book and relax on the sand. 

If you bring little ones, let them explore with Grandpa and look around for shells and animals. Grandpa might even teach them to skip rocks on the water! Just apply enough sunscreen and wear the proper sun protection to avoid sunburn. 


9. Get all dressed up and do a photoshoot. 

If he likes to get dressed up, take him out for a professional shave and haircut and get dressed up in fancy clothes for a memorable photoshoot. You can pay a professional photographer to take your photos or create your setup with a smart device. 

Either way, a photoshoot is a great way to have fun while making memories you can keep forever. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get the grandkids involved! Adding props can also add to the fun and transform your photo shoot into a whacky carnival photo booth. 


Ask to join him in something he likes to do 

Our Father’s Day activities for seniors aren’t one-size-fits-all. If you’re unsure what your dad wants to do, just ask him! If he likes staying home or close to it, join him in one of his favourite hobbies or activities. If he enjoys woodworking, put your goggles on and ask how you can help. If he likes gardening, help him plant for the upcoming season. Whatever the activity, show your dad you care by participating in whatever he wants to do. 

While you’re working alongside him, talk about life and ask about his favourite memories. Our lives are a collection of stories; you never know what gems you may find in conversation. Ultimately, this day is about spending quality time with your dad and telling him how much he means to you. 


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