National Family Reunion Month


At Seasons Retirement Communities, we understand the profound importance of familial connections. National Family Reunion Month offers a beautiful opportunity to celebrate these cherished bonds. It’s a special time that encourages families to come together, share memories, and strengthen their relationships.

This blog will discuss the significance of family reunions, provide tips for organizing a successful gathering and highlight the benefits of spending quality time with loved ones. 

Join us as we honour the meaningful moments that family reunions bring and explore how they enrich our lives.


What is Family Reunion Month, and why is it important for older adults?

Family Reunion Month is a dedicated period, typically observed in July, emphasizing the value of familial connection and togetherness. The essence of this month revolves around organizing gatherings where family members can reunite, reminisce and create new memories. For older adults in Canada, this time can hold even more importance. 

Firstly, it allows older adults to reconnect with relatives they may not see regularly, fostering a sense of belonging and emotional support. These reunions can also introduce older adults to younger generations, enriching their lives with a sense of legacy and continuity. 

Additionally, the shared activities and laughter at these gatherings can positively affect mental health, reducing feelings of isolation and enhancing overall well-being. 

Family Reunion Month is a time to celebrate and fortify the invaluable bonds that knit families together, offering older adults a more profound sense of connection and happiness.


Fun things to do during Family Reunion Month

When planning activities for Family Reunion Month, choosing events that everyone can enjoy, including older adults, is essential. Here are some ideas to help make your family reunion memorable and inclusive:

1. Storytelling sessions: Encourage older adults to share stories from their past. Sharing stories preserves family history and bridges the generational gap, making younger members feel more connected to their roots.

2. Photo albums and scrapbooking: Gather old photos and family memorabilia to create a collective family scrapbook. This creative and nostalgic activity provides an engaging way for everyone to reminisce.

3. Outdoor picnics: Select a local park and organize a picnic. Pack easy-to-eat, favourite family dishes, set up a comfortable seating area and spend the day enjoying nature and each other’s company.

4. Game nights: Arrange a game night with board games, card games, or even puzzles. Choose games that are easy to understand and can be enjoyed by all ages to ensure everyone feels included.

5. Cooking together: Cook family recipes together. Older adults can teach younger generations how to prepare traditional dishes, fostering pride and preserving the family’s culinary heritage.

6. Karaoke sessions: Host a karaoke night with classic songs and current hits. Singing together can be a joyful and entertaining way to bond, bringing laughter and joy to the reunion. Sharing songs intergenerationally can create a strong connection between older and younger family members.

7. Gardening Activities: Engage in gardening projects such as planting flowers or vegetables. This activity can be a relaxing and rewarding experience for people of all ages and abilities.

8. Craft workshops: Organize craft workshops where family members can create handmade items like greeting cards, jewellery, or decorations. These keepsakes will remind everyone of the fun times they had during the reunion.

9. Memory lane walks: Take a walk around places with emotional significance, such as old family homes or favourite neighbourhood spots. These walks can spark fond memories and allow older adults to share treasured anecdotes.

10. Movie marathons: Choose a selection of family-friendly movies or old classics that everyone will enjoy. Create a cozy viewing area and provide plenty of popcorn for an ideal family bonding experience.

Incorporating these fun activities for older adults into your family reunion plans ensures that the event is enjoyable, meaningful and inclusive for family members of all ages.


Staying close with your family after Family Reunion Month

Spending quality time with family members offers numerous benefits for older adults, extending far beyond Family Reunion Month. These benefits can significantly enhance both mental and physical well-being:

1. Emotional support: Regular interactions with family can provide consistent emotional support. Knowing that there are people who care and are available to listen can lessen feelings of loneliness and offer a sense of security.

2. Mental stimulation: Engaging with family through conversations and shared activities can stimulate cognitive functions. This mental engagement helps older adults maintain sharpness and may reduce the risk of cognitive decline.

3. Physical health: Spending time with family often includes participating in physical activities, such as walking in the park, gardening, or even light housework. These activities promote mobility and help keep older adults physically active.

4. Improved mood: Family gatherings filled with laughter, stories, and affection can boost dopamine levels, which is crucial for maintaining a positive mood. Regularly experiencing these positive interactions can significantly enhance overall happiness.

5. Sense of purpose: Being involved in family activities gives older adults a defined role within their family structure. This sense of purpose is essential for well-being, offering motivation and a feeling of importance.

6. Legacy and continuity: Sharing stories, history and traditions with younger generations helps create a sense of legacy. It preserves family heritage and connects older adults to the future.

7. Social interaction: Regular social interaction with family can enhance social skills, keeping older adults connected and valued in their community.

By continuing to engage with family after Family Reunion Month, older adults can enjoy lasting benefits that contribute to a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. Families should strive to foster these relationships year-round, ensuring their loved ones do not feel isolated but rather integral parts of the family fabric.



Family Reunion Month is a splendid opportunity to bolster bonds and create cherished memories with loved ones, especially for older adults. Families can make these gatherings memorable and meaningful by incorporating inclusive and enjoyable activities. Beyond this memorable month, continuing to spend quality time together offers a wealth of benefits, from enhancing emotional well-being to fostering a sense of purpose.

At Seasons Retirement Communities, we believe in family connections and strive to create an environment where these invaluable relationships can flourish year-round.


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