Seasons partners with chefs Michael and Anna Olson

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Partnering with Michael and Anna Olson

At Seasons, we understand how important it is to serve quality food that our residents love to eat. To further demonstrate this commitment, Seasons is partnering with celebrity chefs Michael and Anna Olson. Since 2001 Michael has been a Chef Professor at Niagara College’s Canadian Food & Wine Institute. Anna, Canada’s baking sweetheart, hosts three shows on the Food Network and is a published author of several bestselling cookbooks and magazines, such as  Bake With Anna Olson.

Each month in 2018, all Seasons Retirement Communities will bake and serve a delicious Anna Olson dessert. Twice annually, Michael will provide seasonal menus for our Dining Services Managers to serve.

“Chef Anna and Michael’s contributions to our menus supports Seasons disposition that retirement dining is flavorful and highly enjoyable,” says Larry Bone, director of dining services, Seasons Retirement Communities. “Some people think retirement food is boring and bland. Partnering with Michael and Anna Olson helps to change this misconception. It also gives our own chefs new inspiration to create delicious dishes for our residents.”

Serving a slice of inspiration

To launch the partnership, on January 23, 2018, known as National Pie Day, Anna and Michael hosted a key lime pie-baking demonstration at Seasons Stoney Creek and through Facebook Live.

Each Seasons community in Ontario and Alberta tuned into the Facebook Live stream to watch Anna and Michael in action. For dessert, our dining services teams baked and served residents the same key lime pie recipe as shown in Anna and Michael’s live demonstration.

Of the partnership with Seasons Anna says, “It channels the spirit of my grandmother and the connection I had with her. Our bond was food. Food brings us all together. It is more important than ever that we establish contentment and nutrition around meal time. I love what working with Seasons represents, in terms of bringing me back to my roots.”

If you missed the Facebook Live stream, it’s available on our Facebook page.

Bon Appetit!

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