Better Living, Less Worry at Seasons Retirement

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Whether it’s a team member who delivers your morning coffee just the way you like it or a friendly neighbour who invites you to join an activity they know you will love, Seasons Retirement residents know they are surrounded by people who genuinely care. 

Learning who our residents are matters most

According to Harvard Health, good connections and social support have improved health, longevity, and increased feelings of happiness. At Seasons Retirement, we want to learn who our residents are as individuals, understand what is most important to them and then do whatever we can within each interaction to exceed their expectations. We call those small instances “wow moments” because we know how significant they can be in making someone feel valued, cared for, and at home. 

Seasons Celebrates Remarkable Residents

One example of this is the annual Seasons Celebrates Remarkable Residents program, celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, which was designed to highlight the remarkable lives of our residents and celebrate them. While contestants are asked to illustrate their achievements, contributions to their community, particular skill or talent, or making a positive contribution to their Seasons residence, everyone is welcome and encouraged to share their story. The program is an excellent opportunity for our staff and residents to get to know each other in a meaningful way while having the chance to win one month of free rent at the residence where they live.

Connect, Care, Change

We understand that it takes a special person to go the extra mile for our residents continually. Therefore, we must recruit and hire qualified individuals who are enthusiastic about providing excellent customer service and making an impact on the lives of the people they meet at Seasons Retirement because this is what our corporate vision of “Connect, Care, Change” is all about!

We believe that when we take the time to genuinely connect with our residents and show them that we care, we can affect positive change in their lives and, as a result, the lives of our team members too. We make sure to recognize and reward our team members who go above and beyond our standards because we believe that engaged employees who feel respected by their employer will naturally extend the same courtesy to our residents. 

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