4 Best Walking Shoes for Seniors for Safety and Fall Prevention

best walking shoes for seniors

Even after retirement, our older loved ones should be encouraged to stay active. After all, engaging in regular exercises and healthful activities can help older adults maintain excellent physical health and, by extension, great overall well-being.

Walking clubs, for example, are a perfect means for older adults to keep fit. It often involves walking with a group of people within a designated area or path.

While staying active is vital for your parents or grandparents, ensuring their safety while at it is just as important. To ensure your loved one is safe while walking, they must use the proper footwear for them, as wearing improper shoes only puts them at risk of falling and injury.

At Seasons Retirement, we prioritize the safety of our residents and offer an enabling environment to engage in healthy activities. Moreover, residents are provided with emergency pendants to alert our trained staff in case of an accident.

Although helping your older loved ones choose suitable footwear can be challenging, the correct information can make the selection process easier.

This article discusses what to look for in a walking shoe and some of the best walking shoes for seniors on the market today.

What to Look for in a Walking Shoe for Seniors

Indeed, appearance and beauty matter when choosing footwear. But these criteria are not enough to choose a walking shoe for an older person, as there are other qualities to look out for.

Below are some factors to consider when shopping for the best shoes for seniors.

1.    Fit and comfort

The size and comfort of a shoe often go hand in hand. So, before settling on a pair of walking shoes, ensure they are the right size to prevent restrictions or too much looseness on the feet. These can make walking and standing uncomfortable for older adults.

In addition, it is best to choose a walking shoe made from breathable and comfortable materials. Mainly, your loved one should look out for sneakers with soft padding. These materials will help protect their feet against irritation and friction that can cause discomfort and blisters.

2.    Sturdy and supportive

The higher the heel of a shoe, the greater the chance of falling while walking in it. The best walking shoes for seniors have a low heel – less than one inch – for maximum contact with the ground; this helps ensure older adults are stable while walking.

Also, opt for footwear with ample support in the back, as they help keep their heels and ankles in place. Meanwhile, a pair of shoes with broad soles will offer more stability for safe walking, as it has a greater area of contact with the ground.

3.    Non-slip and shock-absorbent soles

The soles on the walking shoes of your older adult should be resistant to slips. A proper sole should fasten to the ground in wet and dry conditions. Wearing a pair of sneakers with slip-resistant soles will significantly reduce your loved one’s risk of falling.

Additionally, the soles should be shock absorbent to reduce the impact of walking and standing on their joints.

4.    Custom-made shoes

Why take a gamble buying a walking shoe that may not suit your needs when you can pay for custom-made footwear made from scratch? You’ll get the correct measurements and sizes for your parents or grandparents.

Moreover, specific health issues may need older adults to make use of a walking shoe made according to their podiatrist’s instructions.

For instance, one may require the insertion of custom orthotics in their footwear. So, getting a custom-made pair is an ideal solution instead of having to find shoes that can accommodate these arch supports.

5.    Convenience

It would help if you considered the convenience of wearing walking shoes. For example, if squatting or bending down to tie shoe laces will be challenging for your older loved ones, you should go for shoes without laces.

Furthermore, wearing slip-on shoes with hook-and-loop fasteners means there is no chance your loved one would trip from an undone lace.

4 Top Walking Shoes for Older Adults

What are the best shoes for seniors? There’s no definite answer. This is because older adults have unique tastes when it comes to their footwear.

That said, these four walking shoes are known to be very good for older adults:

1.    New Balance 577

The New Balance 577 is from the unisex category and can be worn by older persons of all genders.

This incredibly durable shoe features a convenient velcro fastener and an excellent shock-absorbing sole. It is perfect for older adults who need a cushion for their feet while walking.

2.    Skechers Go Walk

Speaking of cushioning, Skechers Go Walk is a series of sneakers that adds a much-needed spring to an older adult’s steps. It is one of the safest shoes for seniors, as it doesn’t have laces or velcro straps that need to be fastened. They instead opt for a well-designed slip-on design.

Skechers Go Walk series will comfort your loved one’s feet inside and outside their home.

3.    Hush Puppies Gil

The design of Hush Puppies Gil is quite basic. But whatever this shoe may lack in appearance to some, it makes up for in function. Hush Puppies Gil is comfortable and light, making it an excellent choice for casual and formal occasions.

Moreover, the shoe has a velcro strap, and a rubber sole with excellent traction to reduce your older loved one’s risk of falling.

4.    Propet Women’s W3851 Wash and Wear Slip-On

This shoe is one of the best sneakers for seniors, especially women. From the convenience of wearing it and its non-skid sole to its aesthetic design, there is so much to love about this footwear. It’s designed for comfort and to provide ample support to the wearer, is made to be worn in a slip-on style, and is crafted using durable materials to last the user a long time.


Indeed, picking the best walking shoes for seniors can be tricky and challenging. But you should take your time when selecting as the process is for the safety of your older loved one.

The above tips should guide you in choosing the right pair of walking shoes for your parents or grandparents.

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