2019 Remarkable Residents pen advice to younger selves


As we celebrate our tenth anniversary this year, it is an opportunity to reflect on our past accomplishments and lessons learned, and consider these examples as we continue to grow and evolve as an organization.

We posed a similar thought to our residents as part of our 2019 Remarkable Residents Contest, aiming once again to highlight and celebrate their outstanding accomplishments. We asked if they could go back in time and speak to their younger selves, what would they say? We received many submissions, each with a unique and thoughtful piece of advice.

Here are our top ten favourite quotes from the submissions we received this year:

1. Elsie, Seasons Olds Encore. “I would tell my younger self to always live with passion and stay true. I would tell myself to stay active and always continue to learn and develop new skills. Most of all, I would tell my younger self to always serve with love and compassion.”

2. Bill, Seasons Royal Oak Village. “Education is important; travel is more important! My Dad would always tell me that you can read about any foreign destination, but you can only feel the vibe when you are physically present.”

3. Eileen, Seasons Stoney Creek. “You don’t need all the extras. Money isn’t everything to guide you along the way. Look for a good person, a good friend. You need a good, honest person for your mate.”

4. Dale, Seasons Royal Oak Village. “Always pay attention to what is happening in the moment. Life teaches us something in every breath, if we are wise enough and present enough to notice.”

5. Maxine, Seasons Welland. “Be more thankful and less self-centered, count your blessings daily, be less judgmental, laugh more and live life to the fullest. Forgive others, for you never know what can happen, everything can change in an instant.”

6. John, Seasons Dufferin Centre. “Slow down, get a good education and enjoy life, even your small successes. Life is a journey that is best enjoyed in slow time.”

7. Paul, Seasons Lethbridge. “Even though it was hard at times, save a portion of what you make. It becomes a habit, a way of life. I liked the feeling of being secure and not owing anyone anything.”

8. Ken, Seasons Amherstburg. “Develop a healthy lifestyle with clean living habits. Get plenty of exercise and fresh air. Good hygiene is a must. Get adequate sleep and rest. Drink plenty of water.”

9. Sandra, Seasons Clarington. “I would tell myself not to worry about things so much. Don’t overthink things, just accept things as they happen and believe everything is happening as it should.”

10. Walter, Seasons Brantford. “Do what you can and don’t argue with people. Arguing doesn’t bring happiness.”

We narrowed down the Remarkable Resident submissions to three finalists. They will be announced on our company Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages at the beginning of June. We are creating videos of our finalists’ life stories and our Facebook followers will be able to vote on their favourite one, June 1-9, 2019. Like and share the video to tell us who you think should win the 2019 honour. The story with the most interactions will be named the winner and awarded one-month free rent!

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