8 Summer Safety Tips for Older Adults

summer safety tips for older adults

Summer is one of the most exciting times of the year. Although high temperatures characterize this season, its arrival also means engaging in several outdoor activities.

However, it can be effortless to get carried away and forget to prepare accordingly for the challenges and unique conditions accompanying the season. It is vital to stay ahead of things by getting ready for the warm weather and taking necessary safety precautions, especially for older adults.

At Seasons Retirement communities, we encourage our residents to participate in various activities during the summer season. Our staff has the resources available to organize exciting activities and events to engage our residents while ensuring they stay safe outdoors in the heat.

In retirement, your parents and grandparents have ample time to enjoy whatever fun summer brings. With the tips below, you can be sure that they can be in excellent physical condition throughout the warm season.

Below are summer safety tips for older adults:

1.   Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the essential summer health tips for your older ones to keep safe during the warmer months. Due to the hot weather in this period, many bodily fluids are lost and need to be replaced. So, there is an increased need for your older folks to drink fluids and eat water-rich foods during the warm season.

Older adults need to drink enough water (about 1.7 litres per day) to guarantee that they receive the proper amount of hydration.

Staying well hydrated ensures that the body temperature is maintained at an average level. An adequate amount of fluid in the body also provides optimal joint lubrication and helps to keep the body’s systems running smoothly.

As an additional beneficial tip, it’s recommended that you avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages because they have a diuretic effect and cause individuals to lose water from their bodies faster. Plain water and juices are your best bet for refreshing summer drinks.

2.   Stay out of direct sunlight during peak temperatures

It’s recommended that older adults minimize staying in direct sunlight for extended periods. When possible, it’s recommended to keep within shaded areas or head indoors when feeling flushed or overheated.

The sun is usually the hottest during the summer season, between 10 AM and 4 PM. If possible, older adults can try to plan shorter outdoor activities earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is lower in the sky.

3.   Use protection from the sun.

When heading outdoors, it’s recommended that everyone, including older individuals, take measures to protect themselves from the harsh sun rays by using sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15 or more. It’s also good to make sure your sunscreen can block both ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays.

When engaging in any water-related activities during summer, it’s important to remember to reapply sunscreen every few hours, as it can get washed away by water quite easily.

Older adults can also use protective clothing and accessories to block the sun’s rays when possible. For instance, they can wear hats to protect the head, face, and some parts of the torso. Sunglasses are also recommended to protect and care for their eyes to keep the glare out of their vision.

4.   Consider air conditioning

This is perhaps the most important of the summer heat safety tips. During the warmest season, the air conditioning system is essential for staying cool in high temperatures.

Before summer arrives, it’s a great idea to ensure that any air conditioning units are in good condition and working as intended. Regular maintenance and repairs, when necessary, are also essential to make sure your HVAC systems are set to handle the summer heat.

If you or your loved ones live in a residence without a cooling system, you can consider using fans or even spending time out in locations with AC. For instance, you can consider going to the movies, the mall, or even a friend or relative’s house.

5.   Watch the forecast

Knowing the state of the weather before the day begins is essential. This way, your older ones can adequately prepare for the day regarding the temperature.

Knowing the expected peak temperature of the day, your parents and grandparents can decide what to wear, accessories to use, and other items to carry along when going out. Also, knowing the day’s weather forecast helps your older ones plan their trips better.

6.   Review medications

Some older adults use medications frequently. Unsurprisingly, most drugs come with specific side effects and alterations, including increased sensitivity to the sun’s rays.

When summer approaches, your older relatives should see their physician to address any concerns about their medications and how these drugs could affect them when the warmer months finally arrive. They can also ask the doctor for summer tips for seniors.

7.   Wear loose and light clothing

Protecting the body from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is vital, but older adults need to avoid wearing tight and heavy clothes during the summer. When the warm season draws near, you and your loved ones should ensure easy access to several loose-fitting and light-colored clothes.

Dark-coloured and heavy fabrics absorb and trap heat much more quickly than light-coloured and loose-fitting clothes, so dressing accordingly can keep your loved ones cool and comfortable.

Go for natural fabrics, like cotton, over synthetic materials, as the former is more heat-resistant and can contribute to summer safety for seniors.

8.   Go for a routine check-up

This is one of the best summer safety tips for adults. Your older ones should regularly visit their physician to check their health status. With a routine medical check-up, your parents can stay in peak condition during the warmer months and follow any applicable medical advice to ensure that they’re staying safe and healthy over the summer season.


Summer presents a fantastic opportunity for older adults to have fun and create new beautiful memories with friends and family. With the summer safety tips above, your parents and grandparents can have a great time during the season while keeping safe.

At Seasons Retirement, we have the resources to plan out programs and activities to ensure that our residents have fun and stay active during the warmer months across our various communities in Canada, with residences designed for maximum comfort and enjoyment when summer arrives.

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