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Do you know that love can change your brain chemistry? Researchers found that romantic love is directly linked to two areas of the cerebellum that regulate dopamine, also known as the “feel-good” chemical. Beneficially, just thinking about your partner boosts the immune system, improves sleep, and lowers blood pressure. As we age, having a healthy and stable relationship with another person is even more significant for our emotional and mental well-being. For seniors, long-lasting love can be based on maintaining mutual support, many emphasizing the importance of an emotional connection.

The pursuit of love has no age limit. In fact, loving for longer is excellent for a person’s health and longevity. Seasons Retirement Communities is so pleased to have many couples living in their homes. They have rediscovered the delight of these romantic connections and sustained their long-lasting love for decades, drawing upon a lifetime of experiences and continuing their exceptional journeys together.

Below are some couples who are pleased to share their stories:

Bill and Kay moved into Seasons Drayton Valley around the same time in 2019. They enjoyed doing activities and puzzles together and soon discovered that, though they didn’t know each other, Kay was from the same area where Bill’s first wife was. Each expressed they were going through a lonely time and bonded over how hard it was to leave their homes and start a new life at Seasons. When staff would have to go get Bill, who was on the early sitting for lunch, it was clear he was stalling to spend more time with Kay! The two married during the COVID-19 pandemic, so Bill and Kay kept it very small and simple: a couple of their adult children accompanied them to the church, and then they held a private reception at Seasons. Kay shared the importance of romantic relationships: “When you show that person you care and have a love for them every day.” Bill humorously added, “She tells me what to do, and I listen!”

Shirly and Marvin went to Elementary School together. They were friends until Marvin moved away with his family. Shirly later met and married her husband Dennis in 1963; they moved to Olds, where they purchased a farm. One day, a new couple moved in down the road, and Shirley went to introduce herself. Sure enough, Shirly found herself face-to-face with Marvin! They were neighbours for quite some time, and then Marvin and his wife moved to Saskatchewan for work. In January 2023, Shirly moved to Seasons Olds after losing her husband, Dennis. Much like she did on their farm many years ago, Shirly went to introduce herself to her hallway neighbours. And who just happened to live a couple of doors down? Marvin! Shirly and Marvin’s kids tease them that they were meant to be together. Affectionately known by this home’s Fun Manager as the “horse-racing sweethearts,” everyone enjoys the playful banter between them. If you can’t find one, there is a good chance they are somewhere together!

After losing her husband more than ten years ago, Edna never imagined she’d marry again, let alone a man with the same name! But that all changed in the Fall of 2021 when the 95-year-old widower met Jim while sitting in the bistro at Seasons. She thought, “I’m going to have another Jim in my life!” The pair quickly hit it off, bonding over their choir days, and shared a love of music and the game of Euchre. Edna, who lost her husband to Alzheimer’s disease, soon learned Jim was widowed, too. He and his late wife both contracted COVID-19 in April 2020 and sadly, she passed away. The pair grew closer as they helped each other work through grief. Edna was impressed by Jim’s manners and friendliness to everyone at Seasons; Jim worried a bit about their age difference as he is younger, but they ended up having so much in common that  it didn’t matter. After playing Euchre with friends one evening just before Christmas, Jim turned to Edna and popped the big question. One hundred people packed the theatre room at Seasons, from fellow residents to their family and friends. One of Jim’s daughters played the part of his Best Man, and a daughter of Edna’s was her Maid of Honour. The pianist even coordinated a song for the guests to sing to the bride and groom. The newlyweds capped off the happy celebration with a honeymoon in Niagara Falls. Jim and Edna believe that nobody is too old for love.

Bill and Willa, who moved into Seasons Strathroy in November 2019, are a fun and caring couple. The two lifelong lovebirds met when they were in their early teens. Bill was friends with Willa’s brother, Lyle. They enjoyed playing cards together and going to dances on Sunday nights. Bill worked for Union Gas for over 30 years. Willa volunteered at Strathroy General Hospital for 20 years. He loves following all the sports: Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, and London Knights; she is an active bowler. They’re remarkably proud of their two sons, Ronald and Richard, and granddaughters, Melissa and Angela. They also have a cat named Misty, who lives with them at Seasons. Bill and Willa are often seen dancing during musical entertainment or sharing a joke and always offer a hand to assist around the home. What is the secret to their successful marriage? “Forget the small stuff,” shares Willa, while Bill adds with a smile, “I enjoyed those little arguments, then I’m having to make up later!” Bill and Willa celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary in the Fall of 2023.

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