7 Types of Hobbies for Older Adults

types of hobbies

The amount of free time available to older persons is one of the many wonderful parts of retirement. Your parents and grandparents can spend their time indulging in the activities and hobbies of their choosing once they stop working.

This means post-retirement is the ideal time for your older loved ones to take up a new hobby, whether travelling to new locations or planting a garden in their backyard. Fortunately, there are a variety of activities that they will like.

It’s true that hobbies like dancing exercises, gardening, yoga, etc., are typically excellent ways for seniors to kick back and relax now and then. But they can also be great ways for your loved ones to stay physically and mentally fit.

Our communities provide an enabling environment for older adults to live healthy and fun-filled lives. Seasons residents are encouraged to engage in various recreations and activities that interest them.

Here, we have curated a list of hobbies and activities that your older loved ones might want to try.

1.    Creative Arts

Creating art is one of the most popular hobbies for individuals of all ages. And, for older adults, it is a fantastic way to spend their leisure time. Painting, sketching, knitting, and play-acting – to name a few – are different forms through which your loved one can create art.

From acrylics to water colouring, painting is a creative activity your parents and grandparents may want to try. There are plenty of sights and sounds they might want to commit from memory to a painting, and it would be nice to paint these beautiful memories on a canvas.

Their art interest might also lean into sculpting, literature, or poetry. Without a doubt, there is some form of art that your older ones might find interesting enough to take up as a hobby. Signing up for an art class may be the best way for them to find out.

2.    Photography

While many may classify photography as an art form, it is actually in a category of its own and a perfect pastime for older adults. Research studies show that older adults who spend their free time engaging in activities like digital photography have better memory health than others who participate in less intellectual hobbies.

Moreover, photography is a hobby that your older loved ones can couple with other indoor and outdoor activities. So, your parents and grandparents can always decide to take their interest in photography on the go, especially if they actively travel and visit scenic destinations.

3.    Birdwatching

Birdwatching is one of the best hobbies for older adults, and it is an activity that your loved ones will find calming and soothing.

Ordinarily, spending time in nature is one of the most therapeutic activities an individual can engage in. So, if your older one loves to relax outside their home and perhaps bask in nature’s calmness, birdwatching is an activity they should consider.

If they’re interested in this activity, advise your older one to purchase a bird identification book, a pair of binoculars, or a camera for their adventures. You can even suggest that they start a journal to diarize their outings.

4.    Music

Whether by listening, singing, or by playing an instrument, there are numerous ways by which you can enjoy music, and it is one of the best types of hobbies for older adults.

Music is not only a terrific pastime for older people, but it is also an excellent therapeutic activity with tremendous health benefits. Research has found that music can alleviate stress and anxiety, enhance mood, and improve social interactions in older individuals.

So, if your loved one is looking to have fun and stay healthy, they should consider learning how to play a musical instrument, sign up for music classes, or even join a local choir.

5.    Swimming

Swimming is one of the most healthful hobbies for older adults. It creates an opportunity for your loved ones to meet new people, relax their minds, and work out their bodies.

Swimming offers several benefits to the physical and mental well-being of older folks. Firstly, it helps improve their cardiovascular health. Additionally, a simple breaststroke swim enhances the joint and bone health of older people, ensuring that their body stays in peak physical condition.

Whether at their backyard pond or in the pool at the community center, swimming a few daily laps would make an excellent addition to your parents’ or grandparents’ exercise routine.

6.    Yoga

Yoga is one of the most creative hobbies for older adults. It combines stretching and strengthening postures with slow, steady breathing and deep relaxation. Yoga is a safe practice that can be carried out in different ways to suit the older individual.

Unsurprisingly, it offers numerous health benefits to older folks. Moreover, yoga class provides an avenue for social interactions with other adults. Yoga is an enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy, from enhanced balance to quality sleep.

Before starting their yoga journey, your loved one should sign up for an in-person class to help them learn to practice the moves correctly.

7.    Gardening

Gardening is an interesting pastime that everyone can enjoy, including older adults. It is another fun and relaxing way to spend time in nature. Interestingly, gardening is a healthful activity that offers several advantages to older adults’ physical and mental health.

Moreover, your loved ones can casually grow some of their favourite nutritious fruits and vegetables while having fun. Considering that they participated in its nurturing and care, your parents or grandparents will likely appreciate fresh home-grown produce even more.

However, before your older ones set up a garden, they must have the proper tools and protective equipment to have a safe experience growing their plants.


Older adults can engage in several types of hobbies during their free time. Due to the number of options, choosing a suitable pastime can be challenging.

However, using the list above, your parents and grandparents should be able to find an activity worth their while.

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