5 Popular Hip Exercises for Seniors

hip exercises for seniors

As we grow older, we may begin to lose strength and agility, causing us to become less able to participate in some of the activities we used to do.

For this reason, older Canadians should take time out to engage in hip exercises that will keep their muscles and connective tissues healthy. Hip strengthening exercises are beneficial in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Here are five of the most popular hip exercises to practice regularly.

1.    The Butterfly Pose

This is among the best hip flexor exercises. The butterfly pose focuses on your adductors and flexors. It improves flexibility and works to loosen up your inner thighs, groin, and hips muscles – all of which help draw your legs together. This aims to enhance balance and improve blood flow in the body.

  • Sit on the floor while bringing your body to align straight up as if a string is attached to your back.
  • Bend your knees sideways and make sure that the bottom of your feet touches at the center while maintaining a butterfly pose.
  • With this posture, use your hands to hold both feet.
  • Breathe in for some time, and then breathe out as you lean your torso forward. Once you feel the stretch, you should hold.
  • Remain in this position for 60 seconds.

2.    Standing Hip Flexor

When it comes to hip bursitis exercises for older people, the standing hip flexor is one of the best that works on the shoulders, elbows, and hips. The hip flexors may be small, but they are crucial for mobility, as they help with the lowering and raising of one’s legs. This exercise will improve flexibility and strengthen the hip muscles.

  • Begin by standing tall beside a wall, chair, or any surface for balancing while keeping your feet close to each other.
  • Exhale and raise your left leg, lifting your knee toward your chest until you can no longer move it.
  • Do the same for your second leg, and repeat this exercise 10 times each on both legs.

If this becomes too easy for you, consider adding ankle weights. Start by attaching a little additional weight before working your way up to bigger weights with time.

3.    Standing Hip Abductors

This exercise focuses on the hip abductors, builds strength, and enhances balance in this body region. It helps to improve mobility in older adults while walking or running and strengthens their core muscles. Furthermore, it works on the joints of the body to treat arthritis. This is how to perform one of the most effective hip arthritis exercises.

  • While standing tall, use your hands to hold onto a chair or the wall.
  • Lift one of your legs off the group carefully, and as it moves away from your body, creating a half-circle, return it to the ground.
  • Remain in this position for 3 seconds before returning to your initial stance.
  • Repeat this exercise five times.
  • After these, change legs and redo the procedure on the opposite side.

4.    Standing Hip Extension

This exercise aims to work the gluteus muscles, support the lower back, and align the pelvic. It is done to enhance stability and balance. Here is how to carry out this exercise:

  • Stand upright in front of a wall, counter, or chair and hold on to them.
  • While ensuring one of your legs is straight, take the other behind you. Make sure to avoid arching your back or bending your knee.
  • Retain posture for one second before returning to the initial stance.
  • Do the same process for your second leg.
  • Repeat 10 of these on each leg while alternating both of them.
  • After completing three sets of these ten repetitions, take a break.

5.    Hip Marches

This is one of the hip exercises that target the glutes and hamstrings. It helps to enhance stability, thereby improving the ability of an older adult to walk by avoiding shuffling. Additionally, it relieves pain in the knees and hips.

  • Sit comfortably on a chair with feet resting flat on the floor. Ensure your back is upright against the wall of the chair. You can allow your hands to rest on the arms of the chair or any other place.
  • Raise one of your knees as high as you can before lowering it down to the floor.
  • Continue raising and dropping your knees ten times.
  • Maintain your breath throughout the exercise.
  • Repeat this process about 15 times on each side.


Hip exercises for seniors are essential to keep their joints in perfect shape and enhance blood flow. Also, they help to improve physical energy and mobility.

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