15 seniors give advice to their younger selves

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Since 2012, we’ve hosted the annual Seasons Celebrates Remarkable Residents program. Every resident in Ontario and Alberta is encouraged to share their story by answering a series of five questions. The selection committee reads each entry and narrows the list down to three finalists. We film each finalist telling their life story and post the videos on our Facebook page. Afterward, our followers vote by liking and sharing the video of their choice. The senior with the most likes and video shares wins the title of Remarkable Resident and one-month free rent.


The first few questions on the submission form ask our residents to describe details such as their struggles, their accomplishments and life history. We read about people who have survived The Great Depression, who lost children and who traveled empty-handed across cities and countries in search of a better life.


The last question asks, “if you could go back in time and speak to your younger self what would you say?”  Despite their hardships, most seniors express being content with their decisions and look back on their lives without a trace of regret.


Hoping to inspire others to live in a way that they will look back on and be proud of, we’re sharing 15 of these responses from the 2018 Remarkable Residents contest:


“Get as much education as possible. Be honest in your dealings with others. Respect your elders. Always strive to do the best you can with what you have.”

Agnes, Seasons Dufferin Centre


“Lead your life so that when you look at the man in the mirror you can be proud. Looking back, I didn’t win a Nobel Prize, but I feel very satisfied with my accomplishments.”

Art, Seasons Olds Encore


“Be more thankful, be less self-centered, count your blessings daily, be less judgmental. Laugh more and live each day to the fullest. Above all, forgive others for you never know what can happen. Everything can change in an instant.”

Maxine, Seasons Welland


“It’s important to have a good family life. Life goes up and down but you have to make the best of it.”

Ida, Seasons Strathroy


“Develop relationships. They will last you a lifetime of friendships, give you trips together and adventures you never dreamed of. Most importantly, they will offer love and support when you need it.”

Fred, Seasons High River


“Remember when you are young there are so many experiences in life each and every day. Take things slow and try not to rush into things. Also, remember that you do have time to think your actions through.”

Jacqueline, Seasons Clarington


“Keep busy regardless of whether you look after your own family or help out others. Focus on the good things that happen and enjoy your life to the fullest.”

Diana, Seasons Strathroy


“Figure out what you want from life. You and you alone are the only one who can make it happen. There are many people willing to help but in the end, you are the only one with the resolve to succeed.”

Harold, Seasons High River


“Enjoy every minute to the fullest and don’t sweat the little stuff because life flashes by in what seems like a blink of an eye.”

Carol, Seasons Brantford


“Love your age all the time, growing old is denied to many.”

Jean, Seasons Lethbridge Gardens


“Don’t worry so much. Life has a way of working itself out.”

Jo, Seasons Wetaskiwin


“Rediscover your inner child and try to make life happier and less stressful.”

Martha, Seasons Lethbridge


“Work hard at school and get a good education. Enjoy life while you are young and just have fun. Dream big and believe in yourself. Listen to your parents, they truly love you and they want the best for you.”

Elsie, Seasons Milton


“Slow down and smell the roses.”

Joanna, Seasons Lethbridge


“Always be ready to help other people regardless of their race, nationality or status.”

Hazel, Seasons Drayton Valley


At Seasons, we know our residents have worked hard to get where they are today and understand that everyone has different goals for their retirement years. That’s why we offer a range of lifestyle options for seniors living in Ontario and Alberta. Our affordable monthly rates include care delivered by skilled team members and services such as three meals a day, weekly housekeeping, activities and more.


To learn more about the remarkable people who call Seasons home and to view the 2018 finalist videos, please visit our Facebook page. If you’d like to find a Seasons Retirement Community nearest you, view our locations for more information.


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